kukun kun kut - 554 Dragon West IX 554 episode visuals (from Kaidenpa Hasshinkichi 1996/04/21)


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One of the weirder things I wanted to figure out about regarding the Satellaview is this... parody, I guess, of Dragon Quest, which had radio segments in Hikaru Ijuin's Kaidenpa Hasshinkichi radio broadcasts.

There's by now several compilations of all the audio segments, but as it turns out there's also magazines accompanying them and kukun kun recorded some.

The screenshots seem to be generated by the RPG Tsukuru 2 engine, which makes me wonder if Dragon West XI was intended to be a Satellaview-distributed RPG Tsukuru 2 campaign, akin to "Ryouma de Yuku".

There's more of these to come!

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