IGP4 00172 Conspiracy Theory proven as Empirical FACT


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Twitter stock takes a 17% nosedive, other Social Media PUBLISHERS will soon follow. TOLD YA!

On New Year's day, Delta Force had raided a 200 acre compound in Ukraine, near Mariupol, controlled by Cho-Mo Uncle Joe. The compound was the nexus for a hub of underground tunnels in which was discovered $300 million in gold bullion, along with a dozen duffel-bags filled with black-tar heroin.

In some of the tunnels were found rooms or cells with shackles bolted to the walls. On those shackles was necrotized human tissue.

Trump has ordered a Military Tribunal for traitor Brad Raffensperger, Georgia's Republican Secretary of State. He is being charged as an "enemy combatant", a designation that permits military tribunal and summary execution.

In other news, those who can't wrap their puny minds around the FACT that Satanic Ritual Abuse and Sacrifice of children is a stark reality, you need to read this book, which has been posted online free of charge, or you can buy a paper copy.... only don't buy it from Amazon.

Joachim Hagopian's latest book:
{World-wide pedophile clubs}
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