IGP3 00066 — I told you about Benghazi November 2016


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In a video dated November 2016, I exposed Benghazi using a ocal newspaper published where I used to live in NJ.

It turns out that the Billions in cash set to Iran was payment by Obama for Iran to STFU about Osama bin Laden NOT being killed {he was ALREADY dead}, and the FACT the DNC had Seal Team 6 Killed, because they knew about the Stinger missiles they sold to ISIS terrorists.

There is EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE in the form of recordings and emails that nail them to the wall dead-to-rights.

There is no escape now. The MSM cannot spin their way out of THIS.

EVIDENCE Seal Team 6 murdered

Also see Clinton 187s

Newspaper from 2nd video
South Jersey DEVILer
(c) November 2016 - page 10
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