Hold forward and punch to win.


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A brief break from my demo/proto stuff to remind myself why a game was bad.

This may not resemble your playstyle of Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout, but this is how I learned to play it - once you land a punch in it's very easy to win just by going forward and punching again in a rhythm. You can do this to make the Vs. COM mode a breeze, or use it in Build-up to make a character who has absurd punch power though may be weak everywhere else. (It's easiest to do this with Kid Goku, and hardest to use in a any other opponent vs. Kid Goku situation, since you need to bait him to fly to be within damage range of the punch.)

I would cover the whole game like this if it didn't keep crashing in Mednafen.

Published 4 years ago

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