FMV Comparison: Langrisser Dramatic Edition (Sega Saturn) Vs. Der Langrisser FX (NEC PC-FX)


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Ever have one of those discussions that bring you back to the good ol' days of console wars when Sega and NEC were big players?... Nah, you probably haven't. Tsk!

But in all seriousness, a bit back I was in a forum and there was quite a bit of discussion about the PC-FX's ability to render anime cutscenes and FMVs. Of course, it's commonly said that the PC-FX was the best of all in that regard. But the Devil's Advocate in me had a shocking realization; amidst the talk of technical abilities and which FMV scenes look great, no one I've known has actually taken the effort to -directly compare- a PC-FX game to it's other 32-bit counterparts to provide a good, frame-by-frame, blah-blah-blah technobabble, objective analysis!

Enter myself! Of course, I may not be the most apt for this job, as I'm not necessarily specialized in videophilia yet, but I wanted to get the ball rolling for this!

Since technical details can make a Dramatic (DURHUR PUNRIFFIC) difference in regards to how this turns out, I'll make a note of EVERY DETAIL I think is relevant to this video here.
1) The copy of Langrisser: Dramatic Edition is from an authentic Langrisser Tribute set.
2) The copy of Der Langrisser FX is also authentic.
3) Langrisser: Dramatic Edition is being run on a US Saturn with an Action Replay 4M for a showcase of it's appearance on authentic hardware.
4) Der Langrisser FX is also running on authentic hardware. I have gone for running on hardware over emulation due to the obvious fact that neither Saturn or PC-FX emulation is anywhere near complete-hardware-accuracy yet.
5) Unfortunately I could not include Langrisser I+II for Playstation in this due to not being able to obtain a copy for a reasonable price (Or having a Japanese Playstation). Perhaps someone else can chime in on this?
6) Both setups were hooked to a DVD Recorder with Composite inputs. There are a few reasons for this;
A) Because common A/V is the most likely way anyone who was originally gonna play the games would've hooked it up.
B) Having both on the same video input is the most "fair".
C) With composite video's slight blur, there will be less minor, pixel-specific nitpicking. Any real video issues would probably be constants, and be noticed even on composite - we aren't talking about common-digital-era stuff here, after all.
D) I was too lazy to find a Saturn S-Video cable.
7) Obviously, I've recorded at the best DVD recorder settings I can do.
8) Putting up on Youtube as vobs.

For reference, 00:00 up through 2:17 is Langrisser Dramatic Edition, 2:40 onwards is Der Langrisser FX footage. (the time spent beforehand is PC-FX bootup)

Feel free to also download the vob file here;,.vob
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