BS Spriggan Powered Restoration Edit - Upper Atmosphere (Final Run Version)


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So, casual watching of kukun kun's BS Spriggan Powered recordings made me realize something a bit surprising.

While through most of a given episode you have some leeway into playing or not playing a level at your leisure, the last 10 or so minutes of an episode are a single, mandatory, final run. During that final run, a DIFFERENT MIX of the Stage song plays than what played for the majority of the broadcast. These mix tends to do such things as tweak or change instruments, pump up or reduce bass or atmosphere, and other very slight adjustments.

Dagnabbit, Nintendo! Even MORE Satellaview-exclusive music not on any CDs!

Of the ones in kukun kun's recordings, "Upper Atmosphere" is the only one I can get to make a splice of - thankfully the intro sounds the same as in the "normal" mix so I was able to use that. Unfortunately "Above the Beautiful Forest" can only get it's first verse or so done.

I've set up a bandcamp for quick access to my "splice" rips - if anyone really wants them I can put the attempts at recreating the music in MIDI form there as well.

YouTube is telling me to tell people to join and become a member for reasons, so here's the link for that ~
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