Black Ops 3 - Quest for NEW Weapons, HUGE SUPPLY DROP OPENING *LIVE* (BO3 Multiplayer) Featured


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**PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION** What's going on guys! GroupOfGamersInc194 here I had originally posted this video back in March, and I ended up setting it to private after the Supply Drop Black Market Blackout movement started. I am going to set it back to public, and I hope that you can understand that this was not just for no reason, it was for a milestone I never thought I'd hit. I know I have not posted a video in almost a year so, I decided to stream this HUGE Supply Drop opening for reaching 100 SUBSCRIBERS on my YouTube Channel. Thank you all SO MUCH for your support!!! Be on the lookout for videos to start coming out more regularly. To do so, i will need to get some feedback from everyone of my subcribers and just passerby's. One BIG ANNOUNCEMENT that I wanted to share with you all as well is that I have been collecting many clips for some montages over the last couple months so be on the lookout for that as well! I made a rough cut of it, and it is looking coming along very well. I don't want to upload poor quality content, I want you all to see the best content I can produce. If that means waiting a while to post, then I may take some time in between uploads to perfect my content for my awesome supportive fan base! ►My Social Media-Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ & Instagram

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