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This is a One Year Tribute video to one of my best friends. (My post on 11/13/15) "Although I do not have many pictures with you, and for some reason you did not really want any pictures taken of you, the weekend I had up at my cottage in Abby Springs, Wisconsin with Dylan Toomey the Walker Stalker Con, the New Years Parties, Grad Parties, and all the other ones just to hangout that I shared with you , Colby, and Logan were some of the best weekends I have ever had and best memories with Dylan. I can't believe you're gone dude. You are like a brother that I never had and you will be missed so much by so many people. I talked to you less than two weeks ago about hanging out over break. We were all finally going to all get together again like we used to. I know we did not talk as much as we used to, and part of that is on me because I don't know how to manage my time well. But know that I loved you dude. And I will miss you so much. I wish we had more pictures together, but we don't besides in my pool, and at the Walker Stalker Con last year. I was on my Instagram earlier and I found the videos of all of us from New Years Eve a couple years ago and that was one of the many awesome nights that all of us had together. We went to Logan's Grad party, and you and I got pulled over on our way back which was funny and scary at the same time! I have had so many fun, scary, and bonding moments with you, the one I will remember the most though, is the car accident. And we all swore to never talk about it, but now I fell like I have to because no one knows about the bond we all formed on that crazy night. The fact that it happened was as a result of us being stupid and you driving crazy, which we thought was funny at first, but when it all happened, the brakes locked, we went up on the curb at 75-80+MPH and the car went airborne I am sure we were all thinking the same thing. We were all going to die right then and there. The car spun in a circle, missed the building and that huge tree, and somehow we landed perfectly in between the two curbs on that driveway. I do not know how, but besides some bumps, bruises, scrapes, and being sore, we were all okay and that is what shocked me. We were all flooded with so much emotion. You asked if we were all okay and we were. Then when Colby and I panicked we ran and we felt horrible but we did not know what else to do, then Logan stayed until the cops came but then he went to because we didn't know what would happen if we all got caught.The three of us walked home and waited for a call or text from you and when you finally showed up at my house with Crystal, I think, that was the first time I ever saw you in tears. And you told me that you were just so upset because you could have killed all of us, your best friends. And I told you that you didn't and it was all okay. I had you come in that is when we all were upstairs having McDonalds and swore to never tell anyone about it. That whole night we reflected on how we all could have died, and that we were lucky to be alive. From that moment on, I feel like we all shared an unspoken bond, and we always will. I was never mad at you about that Dylan, and I don't think I ever truly made that clear to you. But I forgave you the next day because none of us got hurt and you made sure of that. You also came back to my house to make sure of it, and you did not rat on any of us for being there. You were always there for me when I would go into my spirals of depression. You were there for me when I lost both of my dogs, and whenever I just needed a friend to talk to whether it be trouble emotionally, mentally, with bullies, or hell even with girls. You always stuck up for the underdog too. That is how I met you, you stuck up for Brandon at lunch early on into our time in high school, and having just come from a shitty middle school situation where I was bullied every day, harassed physically and mentally, I had no one like you there to stick up for me when I couldn't and I wish I knew you earlier. You were one of the greatest men I ever knew Dylan, Tough as fuck on the outside, but caring and sensitive on the inside. And I will miss you SO MUCH. And it is KILLING me that I can not be home to say goodbye, even though I don't want to ever say goodbye to a friend like you. Rest In Paradise Dylan, you were one tough SOB." If you care to donate to his family, I'm sure they would really appreciate it. https://www.gofundme.com/dylantoomey ►My Social Media-Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ & Instagram http://www.twitch.tv/groupofgamersinc194 https://twitter.com/GroupOfGamers https://www.facebook.com/GroupOfGamersInc194/ https://plus.google.com/u/0/+GroupOfGamersInc194 https://www.instagram.com/horanj19/

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