[PS1] Dragon Ball: Final Bout 体験版 (Taikenban) (recorded on Mednafen)


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I wanted to record this for a long time, figuring it'd certainly be an interesting demo to look at.
It was finally (PROPERLY) added to redump sets on archive.org so I figured I'd give it a go.

I'm not entirely certain if I should be disappointed, or impressed.

It may be my Mednafen emulation - I'd love someone to cross-check this for me - but this demo is very, VERY buggy.

Let's start with the basic notes on the demo contents:
1) Opening FMV is present
2) Seemingly no autodemos
3) Only VS. MAN mode is available out of all the options. (I needed to map 2-player controls for demonstration purposes, but sadly I had no proper 2P buddy helping me with this video.)
4) Playable characters are Goku (base adult), Pan, Trunks, Vegeta, and Cell.
5) Only stage that seems to be present is the Time Chamber. (It's possible there's an attempt to load another stage causing the crashes. I'm not certain if this is a Mednafen bug or if the demo is just that bad.)

Bugs/Issues noticed in Mednafen:
1) Characters seem to have incomplete movelists. Can only do one of their Ki specials (If they even can - I couldn't get Vegeta's to work outside his Meteo Smash, even though his inputs are the same as anyone else's).
2) Demo mode system is bugged. Ki attacks can inexplicibly miss often. None of the options seem to work as intended, especially not Uchi Kaesu, which instead seems to result in a weird animation which inexplicibly damages the opponent. Camera bugs can happen from combining elements of the glitches.
3) Flying is buggy. Characters can CLIP THROUGH THE FLOOR, causing collision bugs.
4) Meteo Smashes can go off-camera, causing collision bugs. They may also look visually "wrong" (IE characters throwing punches in the air and clearly not hitting anything)
5) Characters scrolling too far to the left or right can cause camera and collision bugs.
6) Camera bugs can cause input issues, since the characters are confused over whether they are facing left or right.
7) Collision bugs can result in characters losing their collision, rendering matches impossible to finish.
8) The random crashes, of course.

There's probably more I forgot to mention.
As I never quite experienced this buggy a Playstation game on Mednafen before, and there's a large quantity of engine bugs as opposed to mere visual quirks, I can't believe this is all just emulation issues; this demo may have been released in a bad, buggy state. I'm really curious about this game's development in light of this.

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