[PCE] ルイン 神の遺産 | Ruin - Kami no Isan (PC-Engine Hyper Catalog 3)


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I dared delve into a JRPG demo.

There isn't a lot of information going around on this game, but even from what little I can dig up, the demo seems pretty different; it goes through the first town sequence up until the introduction of the first boss (But you don't fight said boss, the demo ends there.) and from what I can see:

1) There's less anime cutscenes
2) There's one more party member, presumably introduced early for promotional purposes
3) I have every reason to believe the AI buddies are busted-overpowered/invincible so you can play through every battle just letting them do all the work. (These characters CAN die in final)

YouTube is telling me to tell people to join and become a member for reasons, so here's the link for that ~

Published 4 years ago

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