[MAME] Mario Roulette (Konami 1991) (early emulation)


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Togemet2 handed me this.

I basically put off a few other plans to experiment with this one. This is Konami's Mario Roulette, a Medal game from 1991. Or, at least, it's an emulation of it in MAME. It's not entirely accurate yet - there's some graphics that don't appear, such as the title, and the palettes are wrong in certain spots. But it's playable, about as much so as any medal game can be.

Odds can be as high as 90 or as low as 15(!!!), and it's very easy to get an insta-loss by hitting the Bowser Reel. Because of MAME's emulation issues, it's hard to see what reels you're going to get before you hit them, although it's very likely pre-set or generated after you hit the button without any skill mechanic involved.

The music in this is rather neat, since it's Super Mario World songs arranged in a style akin to early Namco or Sega arcade games.

Expect this in your MAME sets soon! Let's hope Super Mario Attack is next!

Thanks for watching! As with all YouTube channels, likes, subscriptions and comments are welcome - but I presume that is to be expected, yes?

Published 3 years ago

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