[BEENA] ポケットモンスター アドバンスジェネレーション ポケモンすうじバトル!! | Pokémon Suuji Battle


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Ahh, finally, a new Beena game recording!
I managed to get the remaining Pokemon Beena games. The Best Wishes one will be recorded soon!
Unfortunately, I hit a big snag getting the Pico ones - a purchaser I attempted to buy from claimed he could not ship Pokemon Waiwai Battle to me. (in spite of how I got Japanese imports fine up to this point.)
Any help on that would be appreciated.

Anyway, this game... well, code wise it seems par for a Beena game, but man, it looks ugly! Ash looks like his arm is dislocated on multiple animation frames, and May looks like she drawn o DevArt in the mid-2ks! Was this REALLY the same team who did the Pico Pokemon games?
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