[BEENA] にほんごであそぼ | Nihongo de Asobo


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Here's a... different Beena game.

Featuring photorealistic real-life people mixed with a peculiar beldn of traditional Japanese and children's school art, this game is designed to help kids with learning their Nihongo. Well, I think so, anyway - it certainly does not do the typical approach, and it seems to use word play more than anything else in particular.

The style is pretty different from what I'd normally expect from a Beena game - minigames seem randomly placed rather than predictable, and besides the word game at the end are very arcade-inspired down to the difficulty curve. There is also no oekaki page whatsoever, which is kinda ironic.

The game was developed by Gakken and has some NHK copyrights, perhaps relating to the live-action folks featured in it.

Published 4 years ago

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