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WarmPotato is the home for traditionalist politics and other miscellaneous content. I am currently a freelance writer outside of my political commentary, but am hoping to delve deeper into journalism and documentary film-making. If you enjoy internet culture, political commentary, and amateur journalism - WarmPotato is definitely the place for you!

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A Short History of Reddit Smuggies (Reddit Reviews) 1    0

Counter-Signal memes, also known as smuggies, are political caricatures drawn by amateurs across the web. As a general rule, these memes require esoteric knowledge that most people lack, which is why ...

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The History of Cure-Chan 0    0

In 2014, there was a large ebola outbreak in Africa that caused panic and chaos across the region. Due to journalistic malpractice, this problem was blown completely out of proportion by western media...

WarmPotato 985 views

Why the Daria Reboot Will FAIL! 0    0

Why the Daria Reboot Will FAIL! Daria was a late 90's and early 2000's animated sitcom with elements of satire and sarcastic humor that entertained millions. The show ended when Daria went to coll...

WarmPotato 1,195 views

The Rise and Fall of Owen Benjamin (Owen Benjamin Exposed) 0    0

Owen Benjamin is a complex character. Once a hedonistic hollywood hoe, now a conspiracy theorist rural family man - all I can do is marvel at the insane 180 turn he took with his life. But maybe, that...

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The History of Youtube's Volunteer Flaggers 0    0

The History of Youtube's Volunteer Flaggers Youtube's Trusted Flagger Program originated in the Youtube Deputy Program of 2012. It was only recently in 2016 that the trusted flagger programme got a...

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Sargon of Akkad Accused of Pedophilia 0    0

According to The DailyMail and The Sun, Sargon of Akkad is a pedophile. Sargon of Akkad, also known as Carl Benjamin, is an English liberal political commentator who has recently announced his campaig...

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