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A horror gaming channel with commentary and web cam for those great reaction shots. I play any and all horror games and am always open to suggestions. I upload daily on my youtube account and am constantly looking to improve. I also do live streams every Tuesday of various games. If you like what you see here please consider subscribing to me on my Youtube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4Yqf3BzRQQzWyNR2dKG-HQ?view_as=subscriber?sub_confirmation=1

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ZOMBIE MAGGOTS Resident Evil 3 Part 3 0    0

ZOMBIE MAGGOTS Resident Evil 3 Part 3, OMG why does it have to be bugs? I hate the creepy crawlies.Come join the adventure as we delve deeper into the Resident Evil world. As we adventure on we find p...

SwollenEye Game... 1,169 views

WTF DID I JUST PLAY The Ward 0    0

WTF DID I JUST PLAY????? The Ward a very different look on horror, instead of scares and jumps they have put us into a world of monsters that...you...do ......favors for? This is possibly the weirdest...

SwollenEye Game... 1,249 views

Beginner Mic Filters SLOBS 0    0

New Youtube channel advice "Streamlabs OBS Mic Filter Tutorial" What up Nation, today I am going to give you new youtubers and streamer a rundown of how to set up you...

SwollenEye Game... 1,249 views

Ding Dong The Spider Is Dead Paranormal Hk Part 4 #SychoNati... 0    0

Ding Dong The Spider Is Dead Paranormal Hk Part 4 THATS RIGHT, The evil spider is dead killed by a sigil that burnt her alive. No more spiders.....But what new horrors await? A woman in red? What swee...

SwollenEye Game... 1,182 views

Psycho Spider Lady Paranormal Hk Part 3 0    0

What is a horror game without some type of horrible spider atrocity? A GOOD HORROR GAME!!! Welcome Back to Paranormal Hk Where we are currently trying to survive attacks from the most horrible creatio...

SwollenEye Game... 1,254 views

Paranormal HK Back To The Scare Part 1 0    0

Paranormal HK back to the roots of the channel, back to the scare. Join Sacris as I travel through a haunted street trying to escape the possessed version of our friend Kara. As Kara starts to make a ...

SwollenEye Game... 1,112 views

Possessed By The Camera Paranormal Hk Part 2 0    0

Possessed By The Camera Paranormal Hk we find out it wasn't the street that possessed Kara. This is why you should never buy cameras from shady second hand stores. After reviewing footage we find out ...

SwollenEye Game... 1,100 views

Three Easy Tricks To Stop Dropping Frames 0    0

Three Easy Tricks To Stop Dropping Frames, are you tired of dropping frames while streaming? Well I got some easy tricks that can help you run a smooth stream with zero dropped frames. Come check it o...

SwollenEye Game... 1,159 views

The WhiteBear Principle (1840-2020) #Don'tClickThis 0    0

The Whitebear Principle this is a video that is GUARANTEED to make you wish you had never learned what the whitebear principle was. This has been around since the early 1840s and will truly make you r...

SwollenEye Game... 1,034 views

TWO NIGHTS FIRST TRY FNAF Sister Location Part 1 0    0

Ok the first night was easy, but damn that second night was something to be scared about. This is a huge thing for me as I have NEVER beaten a second night on any FNAF game in the first try. I hope yo...

SwollenEye Game... 1,426 views

Disorientation ~Indie Horror~ Pure Horror 0    0

Have you ever been disoriented? How about lost and every time you turn around a new horror awaits you? Welcome to Disorientation a horror game based on making you confused and scared. Come play in the...

SwollenEye Game... 1,254 views

Abandon Hope ~The Curse Of BlackWater~ An Indie Horror 0    0

Join me on a paranormal quest, as we search out what has happened to Blackwater maternity ward. What are these echoes in the hall, why is there body parts in closets who the hell is that little ghost ...

SwollenEye Game... 1,236 views

Speak No Evil Halloween Special *Watch To The End* 0    0

HAPPY HALLOWEEN and welcome back to the curse of blackwater, I am attempting this game again, though some weird stuff started happening near the end of the video.....Come check it out for some fun and...

SwollenEye Game... 1,269 views

Twitch highlights 1 home sweet home 0    0

Follow me on Twitter https://twitter.com/kronic024 https://discord.gg/v6Bvnx6 Twitch https://www.twitch.tv/swolleneyegames And thank you for watching as always have a great day!

SwollenEye Game... 1,462 views

Why Won't It Explode Amnesia The Dark Descent Part 5 0    0

Follow me on Twitter https://twitter.com/kronic024 https://discord.gg/v6Bvnx6 Twitch https://www.twitch.tv/swolleneyegames And thank you for watching as always have a great day!

SwollenEye Game... 1,565 views

The First Death Amnesia The Dark Descent Part 4 0    0

We have bow experienced the first death. It wasn't the water monster but the normal one that finally did me in. I thought I could make it through this horrifying game without a single death, boy was I...

SwollenEye Game... 1,498 views

Flesh Eating Water Monster Amnesia The Dark Descent Part 3 0    0

Flesh eating water monsters, I HATE WATER LEVELS literally everything about them, But here we go RIGHT GAME RIGHT?!?!?!? anyway as we traverse deeper into the mansion we not only have to figure out ho...

SwollenEye Game... 1,498 views

To Overconfident Amnesia The Dark Descent Part 2 0    0

To overconfident In Amnesia the Dark Descent, I find I am way to cocky in this game just to be scared to my wits end. We lots of spooky sounds making me jump and the appearance of a monster things hav...

SwollenEye Game... 1,423 views

Its So Scary Amnesia The Dark Descent Part 1 0    0

Today we start our adventure into Amnesia the dark descent, where I am WAY to confident in my ability to handle horror games. With only trying this game once before and not getting very far I felt it ...

SwollenEye Game... 1,259 views

Monster Mom Among The Sleep Part 3 #roadto300 0    0

Please remember to mash that subscribe button if you like what you see. And make sure to check out Twitch for my streams. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBWjuVdI7DbvXOZg8C8LjVg?view_as=subscriber?su...

SwollenEye Game... 1,500 views

Dad Saves The Day Among The Sleep Part 4 0    0

The final in Among The Sleep where we find out what this story is really about. With a couple really scary spots and a really messed up ending this game has thrown me through a loop. Come enjoy and se...

SwollenEye Game... 1,477 views

Finding The Hooters Among The Sleep Part 2 0    0

Finding the hooters, welcome back to among the sleep where we are now looking for some owl statues. In the dark playground of our memories where it seems the world might not want us there. Come check ...

SwollenEye Game... 1,299 views

A Talking Bear Among The Sleep Part 1 0    0

Welcome to Among The Sleep Part 1 where we play as a 2 year old boy in search of his mother. But we are not alone oh no, we have a very special friend with us, our friend Teddy. Come along with us on ...

SwollenEye Game... 1,495 views

The End Of Outlast Part 13 0    0

This is it, The End Of Outlast, we find and destroy billy (the walrider) and we finally make it out. Or do we what is going on, why must it all end like this? Come see the traumatic end to this awesom...

SwollenEye Game... 1,464 views