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Biden COVID China Coverup Trump Stands w Judicial Watch! &am... 0    0

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton discusses a secret "critical race theory" (CRT) document used in American classrooms, the Biden Administration shutting-down a pro...

Jeeper-dave90 642 views

Coronavirus Rhapsody (Bohemian Rhapsody parody) - Lockdown M... 0    0

I loved this awesome parody cover so much that I went ahead and made a music video for it! And when you're stuck at home, what else do you do?!? Lyrics by Dana Jay Bein Vocals by Adrian Grimes ...

Jeeper-dave90 683 views

554 Blessed 554 by Beau Davidson (as character Maximilian ... 0    0

Music/Lyrics: Beau Davidson "Blessed" From Hallmark movie "The Ultimate Legacy," starring Raquel Welch, Brian Dennehy, Lee Meriwet...

Jeeper-dave90 632 views

IGP3 00054 — October Surprise 2020 0    0

Well, the October Surprise has arrived just as our Congressionally Discommodated Anon predicted. Most of those of us who are on THIS side of the battle between good & evil, don't even...

Jeeper-dave90 937 views