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song : astraphobia sorrow (with closed eyes) images and music belong to their respective owners I own nothing Connor from the Confinement series belongs to lord bung :

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kukun kun kut - More Early Mario 64 0    0

kukun kun uploaded some more TV broadcast footage of early Mario 64 as presented in the big gaming events from 1995. ^^ This time the source is two videos; one is from the "Tonight...

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - All Dragon Quest Hero Use Their... 1    0

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - All Dragon Quest Hero from Eight (VIII), Eleven (XI), Solo (DQ IV), and Aursu (DQ III) Use Their Final Smash. All four Heros have a different voice actor. The Hero uses fi...

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-epilepsy warning- : after hundreds of comments & messages requesting that this exists, it now does... 23 days later! here is my remix of congratulations. subscribe ► LISTEN O...

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