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Livestream Highlight - 8/13/2016 - Instant No play 0    0

Something GOOD from that stream with the bad fanfiction. Maybe. I tried playing the Sonic R prototype, and, well, Instant Replays broke.

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From the Panorama Cotton Proto on HiddenPalace "Normal" gameplay can be seen here: Also, ...

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Livestream Highlight - 5/14/2016 - Gain Ground proto 0    0

Mostly just highlighted because drx pointed out to me that Gain Ground has notable differences from the final game. Otherwise, not much happens in this highlight. I myself don't even spot the differen...

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Livestream Highlight - 5/29/2016 - Don't Ignore The Elephan... 0    0

From playing the prototype of Taito's "Growl" for sega Genesis. On Easy mode, mind.

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Livestream Highlight - 5/23/2016 - The Invisible Dragon 0    0

From the batch of prototypes drx put up on Hidden Palace that week. While I'm not certain what else is different from the final release of "Double Dragon ...

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Livestream Highlight - 11/8/2015 - Minic the Hedgehog Summar... 0    0

From a livestream of Net Yaroze games which was prompted by Sonic Retro forumgoers seeking this game out.

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Livestream Highlight - 3/9/2015 - SMB3 Famiclone summary 0    0

EAR CANCER WARNING! A mostly casual SMB3 playsession. Somehow, Nintendo famiclones cause discussion about sega clones.

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Livestream Highlight - 5/7/2014 - Pepe the Power Pooter Pupp... 0    0

From a livestream playsession of the Ken-chan and Pepe sega Pico games. Yes, a dog that launches nitro farts are in children's educational gaming.

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Livestream Highlight - 5/14/2016 - Street Smart Prototype Ha... 0    0

I don't think drx initially expected this, but of all the prototypes in his latest batch, this version of "Street Smart" is easily the most interesting, as it is an e...

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Livestream Highlight - 5/14/2016 - Final Round Prototype Sum... 1    0

From drx's latest prototype releases. I tried playing through Final Round. I am not entirely sure how different it may be from either it's original version or whatever it...

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Livestream highlight - 5/9/2016 - Too busy oggling to spot p... 0    0

From what I played the two listed "prototypes" of Trouble Shooter on the The differences between this and the final game appear to be very subtle...

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