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IGP10 122 I have a Question Actually two 0    0

The answers to SOME questions in this upside-down Matrix we call "reality" are elusive. Some, when answered, lead to an exponential materialization of even more un-an...

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IGP10 121S Batshit Betty gets reported to the PoPo 0    0

This clip by demand of several of my subscribers that did not want to download the almost 5-hour video to get the intro, and the part where I report Batshit Betty to Police. You can see the whole 5-ho...

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IGP10 121 Batshit Betty Deep State Barf a thon 0    0

Betty Washam (aka: Batshit Betty) is a CYBER TERRORIST. This video is just a SHORT compilation about what some normal people (and some of her fellow shit-bag Lefties, Swiffer-Duster head, Soy-sippin' ...

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Trying out Kung Fu on Project Nested w/ SNES9X 0    0

On the compatibility list, this is said to have graphics problems. Indeed, it looks like it's not really working, but the output is at least visually amusing. Beware the invisible fist! Thanks for ...

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Trying out Akumajou Dracula on Project Nested w/ SNES9X 0    0

Specifically the Japanese version since apparently that's the only one that boots. It runs really slow. Also, some powerups seem to not work (The cross never hits anything, for example), and there see...

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Trying out Valis on Project Nested w/ SNES9X 0    0

Much to my shock, this game ran start-to-finish on my first testrun, with neither huge graphical bugs or really bad scrolldowns. Too bad this wasn't one of the more well-liked Valis games! Thanks f...

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Trying out SMB2 (prototype) on Project Nested w/ SNES9X 0    0

Well, uh... compared to SMB2 retail, this is... really workable! I even did enough SRAM-generation to make a profile/generated ROM that can go through the whole game! There's still graphical bug...

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Trying out a ROM hack on Project Nested w/ SNES9X (ANNSMB V0... 0    0

A test of trying more-elaborate-than-just-text ROM hacks. This one is "All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros V0.66e by YY (SMB1 Hack)" (Any later versions did not work.) ...

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Trying out Dino Hockey (Late proto) on Project Nested w/ SNE... 0    0

Ahh, finally figured to try some protos. This one has really weird emulator behavor. If you go into tournament mode you'll have a buggy first match with no players. It may also force-reset on you. ...

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IGP9 00319 - Remember, Remember the 5th of November - Dark t... 0    0

We decode "the plan" (we THINK) You will be amazed! Special Guests: Mike Penney and Lisa (God Wins) Guy Fawkes 5th of November song:

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Join our Amazing Patrioto Familia at We have fun during the day with funny postos, videos and good news. And at night before going to sleep we even share Thoughts and Praye...

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IGP9 00306 - Google is a BOGUS Company - Lawsuit Update 0    0

Santa Surfing (on Rumble) has discovered something amazing. The level of Chicanery and Corporate corruption of Alphabet, Google, and YOU-Tube is mind boggling.... More empirical evidence for the jury ...

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IGP9 00305 - The Fauci Ouchi Vaccine Planetary Genocide 0    0

The Deep-State Illuminati plan is to promote a FAKE "pandemic", and incrementally escalate the MSM-promoted "severity" and death tol...

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