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NYT Reporter: Jan 6 Media ‘Overreaction,’ FBI Involved; ... 0    0

Pulitzer Prize Winning New York Times Reporter: January 6 Media Coverage ‘Overreaction,’ FBI Involved, Event Was Not Organized Despite Ongoing Narrative • NYT National Security Correspondent,...

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Julian Assange's family speak out on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight... 0    0

John Shipton and Gabriel Shipton dispute the journalist's persecution on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.' #FoxNews #TuckerCarlsonTonight Subscribe to Fox News! Watch more Fox News...

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MGTOW Sandman v Hatman 0    0

After reviewing and commenting on YogiOabs, several #MGTOW-themed videos started coming up in my recommended videos section. #Sandman was frequently amongst them, probably because of his daily uplo...

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Covid-19 Conspiracy Theorist SPAMS Me (BAD IDEA!) About Coro... 0    0

A Coronavirus Conspiracy? Covid-19 Is A Hoax? Annoying, unsolicited link drops on social media... Lonely Desert Guy dropped a video link on a couple of my Facebook posts. It wasn't solicited, it...

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Anti-Maskers Say 554 Masks Kill People & God WILL Punis... 1    0

lat-Earthers... Anti-Vaxxers... and now, #AntiMaskers It seems that whenever there's something which has science... or at the very least, logic... behind it, there are elements that simply refuse t...

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YogiOabs - Women Deserve To Be Abused 2    0

YogiOabs... Youtuber, potential social media influencer, proud, traditional male... and, God's Advocate. A man who is a firm believer in submissive women who know their place. And if they don't.....

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Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Epic Throwing Knife Montage With... 0    0

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Epic Throwing Knife Montage With reactions. Following the success of my prior 100 kill highlight reels I am back to showcase a medley of the best throwing knife kills with ...

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This is the spooky demo of Dark Fracture the psychological horror game available on steam. This is the Prologue Dark nights for Dark Fracture and it's really dark and scary, loads of funny horror mome...

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Tucker: Google tries to censor content it disagrees with 0    0

Google is acting directly to shape what people can say and where they're allowed to speak. #FoxNews #Tucker Subscribe to Fox News! Watch more Fox News Video:

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Livestream Highlight - 7/19/2017 - that ONE difference in th... 0    0

I find the one discrepency between the Sega Channel 3/1995 menu demo ROM and the broadcast recorded by azureitereaction. -- Watch live at

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Livestream Highlight - 11/1/2015 - Acting as if I was actual... 0    0

I like to browse NicoNico often, especially for niche subjects no regular otaku would bother with. Last year I was especially on a binge of searching for Medal Game content. I figured I would tr...

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Livestream Highlight - 1/21/2016 - Guitars In Time 0    0

Highlights from my first reactions to the TMNTIV: Turtles in Time MSU1 hack and the initial music set that accompanied it. NOTE: These are gut reactions, not a professional critique. I apologize to...

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Livestream Highlight - 5/14/2016 - Street Smart Prototype Ha... 0    0

I don't think drx initially expected this, but of all the prototypes in his latest batch, this version of "Street Smart" is easily the most interesting, as it is an e...

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Livestream Highlight - 1/3/2016 - Go To The Bathtub With You... 0    0

My first reaction to this scene. I apologize for how over the top it was. This is from the "Dragon Zakura" game for Beena.

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