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IGP9 MSRANT - Pissed Off Patriots ready to Rock n' Roll 0    0

WHO THE FUCK is this Geriatric Manchuria Candidate Retard to tell ME that I MUST take the Fauci Ouchi? Patriots are Livid with this bullshit, and it's about to go KINETIC. The Surveillance State h...

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IGP3 00148 — Insurrection Act will be invoked 0    0

SHTF TODAY. Meeting in Oval Office yesterday with Patrick Byrne, Sidney Powell, Lyn Wood, Rudy Giuliani, POTUS, and Michael Flynn. Trump cut off access to his regular cabinet. See: https://youtu....

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IGP3 00120 — 3l3ction Rigging and DS Media 0    0

The gaslightig by MSM and the Techno-Nazis is getting toxic. The following is what I paste into every "fact-check" window I see. Just click on the 3 dots to the le...

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IGP3 00056 — Hey Fr3do.... don't cross my path 0    0

Fr3do pissed me off. He better not show up here, unless he wants to end up in a den of rattlesnakes. See concurring opinions *** CLASS...

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There's nothing we can do the vine compilations they've got us no escape leave a like. ===================================================== Background Music: ‣ Hidden Agenda by ...

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Seriously, it's ridiculous. ===================================================== Social Media: ‣ Twitter: ‣ Instagram:

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IGP POPPRAY — Pissed-off Patriot's Prayer 0    0

This has been around a while, but I call it "The pissed-off Patriot's Prayer" Lord, make my hand fast and accurate. Let my aim be true and my hand faster than th...

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IGP AQUITED — POTUS AQUITED — Percocet Pelosi Pissed 0    0

THIS round of bullshit is OVER. The Senate has acquitted the President of this impeachment witch-hunt. Get ready for MORE bullshit. Oven-Mitt Fashionista will be 2020 candidate. See https://you...

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The History of Youtube's Volunteer Flaggers 0    0

The History of Youtube's Volunteer Flaggers Youtube's Trusted Flagger Program originated in the Youtube Deputy Program of 2012. It was only recently in 2016 that the trusted flagger programme got a...

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