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IGP9 00292 - Ka-Ka hits the Air Movement Device this weekend... 0    0

POTUS Donald Trump is, and will be on Air Force One for the next 5 days while high-level arrests are conducted on the 20th anniversary of 9-11, and nesara / GESARA is finally implemented. Get the ...

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IGP8 00253 - Freedom Day - US Constitution World-wide 0    0

Happy July 4th. Working on the new studio as nesara / GESARA is about to be implemented around the world. The MSM is hiding this from you, but soon, it will be as obvious as the nose on your face.... ...

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IGP4 00167 — Violent Revolution is Inevitable 0    0

All of the developments this week are overwhelming, so I'll cover what others are NOT covering, and give you a synopsis to assure you that the Deep-State plan has failed, and the Coup de' Gras is abou...

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IGP4 00166 — Will K and Dave T go to DC Rally 0    0

Georgia El3ction Fräüď Why RINOs voted out Violence in DC Atlanta developments

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11/27/2020 - Happy MOAB Friday! Trump to bring back firing ... 0    0

ARTICLE: TRUMP CARDS: TWITTER: https://twitter....

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This is why Trump signed 2018 EO and how Trump will serve a ... 0    0

The Hidden Things In Front of Your Eyes YouTube Channel: Pimpy’s Twitter Page: Pimpy on Parler ...

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