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IGP9 00237 - You Cant fix Stupid and I dont have FAITH 0    0

Another rambling discussion of related facts while awaiting the aftermath of the Kyle Rittenhouse NOT Guilty verdict. ** SUPPORT THIS CHANNEL ** Send a donation via PayPal: {Please use &am...

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IGP9 00236 - The Sparrows & Banjos of so-called Justice 0    0

Kyle Rittenhouse AQUITTED A Society is great when its men plant trees whose shade they will never sit beneath. ----- a variant - - - - - These trees which he plants, and under whose shade he sh...

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IGP9 00324 - The Verdict is NOT Guilty on all counts 0    0

Reliable sources say the jury in the Rittenhouse case has found the defendant NOT GUILTY. However, according to US Marshall's, the verdict reading is being delayed because two of the jurors fear the M...

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IGP9 00323 — Sickest shit I've seen in my 71 years on this... 0    0

This is by far; orders of magnitude below the foulest shit imaginable. Thanks to Plymouth Fury. Support his efforts: ** SUPPORT THIS CHANNEL ** Send a donation via Pa...

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IGP9 00322 - The Sheeple lead their children to the slaughte... 0    0

Isn't it bad enough that they wear on their faces what belongs on their asses, but now, they're WILLINGLY taking their children to get the DEATH SHOT. Pathetic! Pray for the children. ** SUPPORT TH...

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IGP9 00321 - The DEATH SHOT - - - CONFIRMED 0    0

In a recent Infowars video Alex Jones confirms what I've suspected all along; that is that the Kung-Flu was an elaborate Hoax, designed to frighten people so that they would willingly accept a &am...

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IGP9 00320 - Bio-Weapon Injections - Dr David Martin and Dr ... 0    0

Big Pharma and (Dr?) Fauci have comitted Mass-MURDER with delayed-onset DEATH SHOT to de-populate the planet. FACT. If you took the Fauci-Ouchi, you're "dead man walking&q...

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IGP9 00319 - Remember, Remember the 5th of November - Dark t... 0    0

We decode "the plan" (we THINK) You will be amazed! Special Guests: Mike Penney and Lisa (God Wins) Guy Fawkes 5th of November song:

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IGP9 00317 - The DEATH SHOT - ildren inoculated without pare... 0    0

They are vaccinating your children without your consent (and WHY would you allow your child to be MURDERED?) (video number is out of sequence because research was awaiting confirmation in this vid...

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IGP9 00318 - Libtrard Electronic 554 Blood-Cloths 554 say ... 0    0

Well, IDK about "Q", but the conspiracies I've uncovered and PROVEN beyond ANY doubt whatsoever, are not "theories"; they are EMPIRI...

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#Net4TruthUSA - Repost of Amerigeddon 0    0

A truly Prophetic Film, Ameri-Geddon depicts a Citizenry at war with its own Government; a government which aligns itself with the New World Order Techno-Nazi Cabal, which enlists the military assista...

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IGP9 00316 - How to Forge a signature onto a document. 0    0

Technology - even 20 years ago, has enabled criminals and POINOs (Police Officers In Name Only) to do some fantastic things. No doubt, shit like what you're about to see, is more commonplace than you ...

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IGP9 00315 - The DS BS Never Ends 0    0

The Mainstream Media is the enemy of the people. There are PINOs online. We need a KINETIC take-down of the traitors before we lose the freedoms Millions have given their lives to preserve. ** SUP...

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IGP9 00312 - Mystery Babylon Prophetic Fall 0    0

Reposted as a Public Service because it is sure to be deleted by the Techno-Nazis Get the survival book: ** SUPPORT THIS CHANNEL ** Send a donation via PayPal: {Plea...

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Gen. Milley Throws Biden Under the Bus, Reveals Just How Inc... 0    0

While testifying before the Senate today, Gen. Mark Milley threw Biden under the bus for the disastrous Afghanistan exit. WATCH Psaki SNAP on reporter as she flees the room:

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