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EXPOSED: FDA Sought Fetal Heads for Humanized Mice Experimen... 0    0

Judicial Watch received 198 pages of records and communications from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) involving “humanized mice” research with human fetal heads, organs and tissue, incl...

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Bedtime Stories: The Pfizer Comirnaty Package Insert 0    0

This analysis is not news. This is not information. This is not, and should not be a source for anything other than entertainment. Go to, FDA,gov or PFizer's website for official, up to ...

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IGP9 00295 - General Mark Millie Comitts TREASON & Perki... 0    0

Mark Millie sleeping with the enemy. John Durham asks DOJ for indictment of Perkins Coi Lawyer. Do we have to be in a DEClarED war in order for TREASON charges to apply? China unofficially declare...

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IGP9 00285 — Clay Clark with Stoney Stone and Dave Trent 0    0

Clay Clark knocks it out of the park, but only scratches the surface of the #PureEvil in this fallen planet.

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IGP9 00278 — Benghazi Afghanistan and Frazzledrip 0    0

What similarities exist between the abandonment of military base in Afghanistan, and the Benghazi attack? Frazzled rip is icing on the Bavarian turd-cake. These are the strings that tie the crimes tog...

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Bomb Threat near Library of Congress & US Capitol 0    0

Man in pickup truck parked outside Capitol Building in DC allegedly has explosives... Wants a call from Creepy, Sleepy, Quid-Pro-Quo Cho-Mo Uncle Joe. All he got was arrested, and all he accomplished ...

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New 'bombshell' exposé shows public officials' exorbitant s... 0    0

MS Center for Public Policy's Douglas Carswell and Fox News contributor Jason Chaffetz weighs in on bureaucrats living lavishly on taxpayer money. #FoxNews Subscribe to Fox News!

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IGP8 00267 — A Higher Loyalty..... Cheap. 0    0

James Comey's "bestseller" Hardcover tome if word-turds found on the sale rack at DOLlar TREE. ROTFLMFAO

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IGP8 00249 — Present Day Clusterino 0    0

This past week has been a glaring example of Murphys Law at work. One thing after the other, including an account mix-up that had my power turned off for 4 days. Been keeping up, but beaucoup-busy pai...

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IGP7 0246 – Mike Lindell Sue's DumbOnion & Packett Cap... 0    0

Tomorrow, a great American Patriot will file a multi-billion dollar lawsuit and WILL WIN, based on captured encrypted packets proving that the CCP attacked our Country and put Creepy, Sleepy, Quid-Pro...

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LIVE Shooting Caught On Video Cam 5/15/21 4:54AM While Sitti... 0    0


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Overnight 554 Act Of WAR 554 DECLARED! Pentagon Reveals 'U... 0    0

Join now and get your first 14 days FREE! Right now use DISCOUNT CODE "FREEDOM" at monthly check out for $5.00 per month for 24 mo...

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Trump Prophecy 2020: WAR of JOE BIDEN 0    0

Trump Prophecy: The Trump Prophecy 2020 is a follow-up to the 2016 "Trump prophecy" documentary done by Trey Smith of God in a Nutshell. ...

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IGP MBOS — More Bags of Shit 1    0

EXTORTION is not something you want to do, ESPECIALLY when you KNOW the phone call will be recorded. Here is ANOTHER DemonRat who, like the Hildebeast, THINKS she's immune from prosecution. Maybe The ...

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