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Joe 554 The Joke 554 Biden Doesn't think YOU Should Have 9... 0    0

In this informative video, Reid Henrichs of Valor Ridge discusses the occupier's latest comments regarding the ownership of the most common firearm in the US. He is incompetent, increasingly senile, ...

Inglorious-patr... 263 views

Trying out Zelda on Project Nested w/ SNES9X 0    0

I play it through with the compatibility instructions until I find a crash that happens when I face Gleeok. How peculiar, since Gleeok gave the BS Zelda devs trouble as well... Thanks for watching!...

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IGP3 00113 — Adam Andrzejewski The Depth of the Swamp 0    0

This video is re-posted with permission of Hillsdale College. End of video has recording of phone call, giving permission to use this material. Adam Andrzejewski is the founder and CEO of http://w...

Inglorious-patr... 487 views

Livestream Highlight - 12/22/2016 - Dezaemon SFC SRAM to BSX... 0    0

My instructions on the old Satellablog may not have been too clear, so I decided to make this, much like I made the SNESGT tutorial a while ago.

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Super Street Fighter II L.E. Manual (Sega Channel Nov 17, 19... 0    0

A reminder that this documentation exists~ (was mostly done since it seemed people at Sonic Retro didn't really notice it. XP) This is the "manual" for &a...

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Wily Wars Manual (Sega Channel Game Instructions Test Nov 17... 0    0

I figured to re-record this one, too. Considering how the other test ROMs say saving does NOT work on Sega Channel, this manual is kinda jarring. Source:

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[SEGA CHANNEL] Game Guide Demo - Sega Channel Game Instructi... 0    0

Recorded for Hidden-Palace! This is a LOT of game manuals. Probably of most interest is "Mega Man: The Wily Wars" and &quo...

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[SEGA CHANNEL] Canadian Game Guide 02/96 with French Languag... 0    0

What is possibly one of the few traces of non-English (and non-Japanese) Sega Channel on the internet now. This Game Guide includes some French-language instructions!

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[プレイステーション] ライジング ザン | Risin... 0    0

A demo of the Asian/Western-blend action game by UEP systems. This demo is pretty interesting in how fine-tuned it's "demo specific elements" are. You play the &a...

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BS Spriggan Powered Restoration Edit WIP - Unknown title (Do... 0    0

So here is another one that is not really complete/proper but I wanted to try because the track sounds cool. The thing about this track? I swear, it never plays the exact same way more than once or...

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