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IPG9 00243 - Patriot Party News Live Stream 11-29-2021 0    0

Another great meeting of Patriot minds trying to make sense of all the fake news and Black-Hat Psy-ops by the RINOs and the PINOS ** SUPPORT THIS CHANNEL ** Send a donation via PayPal: {Please ...

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IGP5 00224 — Whiskey Tango Foxtrot on Fake News 0    0

No reliable Intel. Ops Security are ongoing, but Intel is tighter than a clam's ass, & Deep-State Trolls running amok.

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IGP3 00106 — MSM says Winner Joe with FAKE Ballots PROVEN 0    0

DHS has watermarked & Forensic ally tagged all ballots. Deep-State automatons caught by National Guard forging fake ballots printed in ...

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Covid-19 Conspiracy Theorist SPAMS Me (BAD IDEA!) About Coro... 0    0

A Coronavirus Conspiracy? Covid-19 Is A Hoax? Annoying, unsolicited link drops on social media... Lonely Desert Guy dropped a video link on a couple of my Facebook posts. It wasn't solicited, it...

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OUT OF SHADOWS (Uncut, Full Length Documentary) 0    0

#OUTOFSHADOWS - THIS is the video that got over 2.1 MILLION VIEWS in a little over one day! BOOM!! The Most DANGEROUS Video On The Internet! People of the World, this EPIC & STUNNIN...

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IGP ITAL-NYC — CBS Claims Editing Error — Riiighht 0    0

NY Post reports CBS claimed "editing error" to excuse INTENTIONAL fake news Get your Corona quarantine T-shirt

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Plymouth Fury - Vril Info Bomb 4.0 (audio only test 01 440hz... 0    0

Feed them down there so they don't come up You can see what's going on, if you have a brain And if you ain't got one you're insane Total control so you'll play their game Montauk shit with a bra...

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