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[プレイステーション] Mr. Driller (電撃 Playstatio... 0    0

A demo of the Playstation version of Mr. Driller from "Dengeki Playstation D35". It's short, and lets you dig 100m into the ground before it ends. The Dreamcast Do...

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[プレイステーション] RayStorm 体験版 0    0

A standalone demo of the Playstation port of RayStorm by Taito. It lets you play two levels before a distinct demo-ending plays.

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[プレイステーション] ワイルドアームズ体験... 0    0

A standalone demo of the famous JRPG. Playing the full thing took a 3+ Hour livestream session, so I loaded a save file to cut to the ending sequence here, which is the main visible difference from th...

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[3DO] Super Street Fighter II X (Hatsubai 1 Shuunen - 3DO RE... 0    0

WARNING: Emulation of this is slightly buggy. Another 3DO Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo demo.. Much more restrictive than the full-on demo disc. You can only pick Ryu, and your CPU opponent can only...

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[PCE] Fray CD: Xak Gaiden (PC-Engine Hyper Catalog 5) 0    0

Okay, now for a slightly interesting demo. Fray CD's demo starts with a seemingly incomplete version of the final game's boot-up cutscene that cuts off early. Then you go to the second level, which...

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[PCE] The Dynastic Hero (PC-Engine Hyper Catalog 2) 0    0

A demo of clearly-not-Monster-World-III. Or clearly-not-Wonder-Boy-IV. Or... whatever. I have no idea if the demo's meant to have a proper ending or not, but it seems I could not progress to Tarron...

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[セガサターン] ヴァンパイア ハンター S... 0    0

For some reason, even though this is supposedly a Japanese sample disc, the game plays entirely in English. It's also oddly-featured for a sampler - the arcade mode has endings even though you only...

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[セガサターン] バーチャファイター2 非売... 0    0

A Japanese demo of Virtua Fighter 2. The "arcade mode" goes through 3 stages before ending, and the extra modes like tournament and options are disabled. That said, a...

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[Sega Saturn] Street Fighter Alpha - Warriors' Dreams (USA) ... 0    0

Something I found on a Baidu in it's listing of Saturn redumps. I do not know the proper origin unfortunately. Googling it is tough. The flickering UI is a Kronos bug and does not happen in Mednafe...

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[セガサターン] Shining Force III 体験版 - Second Tr... 0    0

This is a Mednafen recording of the second map in the standalone Shining Force III Taikenban. It turns out that content-wise, the standalone Taikenban and the Flash SegaSaturn Vol. 23 demos are out...

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Sega Pico Music - Minigame 7 (MiniMoni. Eigo de Asobundapyon... 1    0

I will be spending a bit of time generating material to upload tomorrow. Apologies in advance if it causes a delay. (EDIT: Caught you this time, fail edit!)

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Welcome to the Convenience store, an Japanese horror game where we'll get all endings which is 2, a good one and a bad ending. This playthrough/walkthrough is a full gameplay and the conenience store ...

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Welcome to Devil's Toy, the PC horror game under 2GB in size, and this will be a full gameplay/walktrough where the devils toy ending will be revealed! Devils toy is another indie horror game from a v...

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[プレイステーション] Ehrgeiz (プレプレ Vol. 15) 1    0

I have to apologie to 山田中村太郎 because I have perverted their request. You see, I was asked to play the Square's Preview demo of Ehrgeiz, but it was the same as the Famitsu Wave one so I rea...

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554 Pokemon Advance Generation 554 for Sega pico (Part 5) 1    0

UPDATING THIS MESSAGE IN CAPS LOCK: The ROM was dumped and released at the end of 2012. Look for it in the No-Intro sets somewhere down the line. I may record it in emulation later. Last portion, ...

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