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[SEGA CHANNEL] Canadian Game Guide Demo 12/95 (buggy) 0    0

At first I wondered if it was my emulator, but 02/96 boots a lot better, so chalk this up to a bugged proto.

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As Aventuras de Pikachu (BS Zelda Hack) 0    0

Why am I playing this? Why? WHY?! ... *coughcough* Anyhow, an explanation for why this is on GoodSNES might be nice. A really terribly done BS Zelda ROM hack featuring everyone's favorite Pokemo...

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554 Minna de Pico! Pokemon Waiwai Battle 554 for Sega Pico 0    0

Because the long title "Pocket Monsters Advance Generation Minna De Pico Pokemon Waiwai Battle!" won't fit. This one is emulated folks. That's right, that means th...

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[サテラビュー] BS SIMCITY シナリオ 3 | BS SimCity ... 0    0

Oh boy, hot on the heels of the NES SimCity ROM comes another "lost" SimCity game - the third episode of the BS SimCity series. I show a bit of the gameplay here. ...

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Dezaemon SFC Save: BS-X Shooting Converted from ROM to SRAM ... 0    0

This one may require a bit of a different description from the norm; this is a conversion of the recent "BS-X Shooting" dump to an SRAM file you can load and edit wit...

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[NGC] ボンバーマンジェネレーション (月刊任�... 0    0

This demo automatically times out after ten minutes. It might be possible to clear the first level during this duration but I'm not so sure you can see everything content-wise besides that. The vid...

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[GameCube] ナルト- 最強忍者大結集2 (月刊任天�... 0    0

A demo of a GBA game. On the Gamcube. Yep! I'm playing an emulator in an emulator yet again. (I've attempted to extract the ROM of this to play it outside it, but it seems crash-prone on everything el...

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[Gamecube] マリオパーティ5 (月刊任天堂店頭デ... 0    0

A demo of Mario Party 5 with a selection of minigames to check out. The minigame selection includes "Coney Island", "Pushy Penguins"...

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[NGPC] バイオモーター ユニトロン サンプル | ... 0    0

Recorded for Hiddenpalace: Biomotor Unitron's Sample appears to have a really big chunk of the game content. It will eventually force you back into the title screen after ...

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[3DO] Puzzle Bobble (Demo) 0    0

Oh yeah, I wanted to check 3DO demos, too. Hrm... This is a short 5-level Puzzle Bobble demo for 3DO. If the final game feels like this, I suppose the port is "kinda off&am...

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Sega Pico Music - Page 1 (Pippi-chan to Rhythm Asobi) 1    0

Once again, an accessory that does not emulate. There are lots of them by now. I wonder how any emulator could handle it?

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AMPS in Sonic 2 on Dreamcast Sega Smash Pack (Full gameplay) 1    0

Alright, here's an entire singleplayer playsession of AMPS in Sonic 2. This emulator somehow riddles the thing in sound bugs. Many sounds change at random, slowdown can hit suddenly if there's an o...

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クック・ドゥ・ドゥル・ドゥー (RPGツクールS... 1    0

Well, whadaya know! Cock-A-Doodle-Doo was on the Satellaview! Because of the differences between Super Dante and Dante98, the experiences are pretty different between the versions of &q...

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[Gamecube] ミッキーマウスの不思議な鏡 (月刊�... 1    0

A demo of Capcom and Disney's point-and-click adventure game for Gamecube. There's an emulator bug that causes some character models to appear as solid white models a bit off to the left of center ...

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KONAEちゃんのドキドキペンギン家族 - Konae-cha... 1    0

As opposed to my previous upload, this one has an entire playthrough for Konae-chan no DokiDoki Pengin Kazoku. In under 11 minutes. Yeah, the game's short.

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