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[セガサターン] Sega Touring Car Championship 体験�... 0    0

The standalone disc demo of Sega Touring Car for Saturn. It seems similar to the demo in Flash SegaSaturn, as it is merely a one-track demo with the only thing being really configurable being your car...

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[セガサターン] NiGHTS into Dreams Special Sampler (�... 0    0

A Japanese NiGHTS store demo with a lot of similarities to the E3 demo on the Hidden-Palace wiki. In fact, the only thing that seems notably different is the Japanese text. YouTube is telling me to...

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[Gamecube] ミッキーマウスの不思議な鏡 (月刊�... 1    0

A demo of Capcom and Disney's point-and-click adventure game for Gamecube. There's an emulator bug that causes some character models to appear as solid white models a bit off to the left of center ...

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[Gamecube] 月刊任天堂店頭デモ 1/2003 Disc A | Gekka... 1    0

The entirety of "Gekkan Nintendo Tentou Demo (Jan 2003, Disc A). As posted on hidden-palace: Disc A is entirel...

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[NGC] 大乱闘スマッシュブラザーズDX 実演よ (�... 1    0

I decided to try straining my setup more and using Dolphin. This is the Smash Bros. Melee Store Demo released on demoban.

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