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IGP10 124 We have it ALL 0    0

I have repeatedly told you over the years, that information and evidence is useless if there is no reliable Law Enforcement Agency to apply sanctions for breaking the law. The obverse of a truthful an...

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IGP9 00320 - Bio-Weapon Injections - Dr David Martin and Dr ... 0    0

Big Pharma and (Dr?) Fauci have comitted Mass-MURDER with delayed-onset DEATH SHOT to de-populate the planet. FACT. If you took the Fauci-Ouchi, you're "dead man walking&q...

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IGP9 00306 - Google is a BOGUS Company - Lawsuit Update 0    0

Santa Surfing (on Rumble) has discovered something amazing. The level of Chicanery and Corporate corruption of Alphabet, Google, and YOU-Tube is mind boggling.... More empirical evidence for the jury ...

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IGP9 00278 — Benghazi Afghanistan and Frazzledrip 0    0

What similarities exist between the abandonment of military base in Afghanistan, and the Benghazi attack? Frazzled rip is icing on the Bavarian turd-cake. These are the strings that tie the crimes tog...

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IGP8 00261- Monday Night Roundtable 7-18-2021 0    0

We get into a variety of Caballistic Corruption. Participants Stoney, Renee, Chris, and Dave. Bombshell reveal of how DEWs work, money laundering in the 'art' world, and much more. Non-existent...

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IGP8 00258 — A Smattering of Corruption 0    0

A few facts about the Cabal - a refresher course on #PureEvil USA Net4Truth take down in real time In the video linked below, I illustrate how my previous channel was deleted by the Techno-Nazis ...

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IGP5 205 — Stoney and Dave Livestream #Inglorious Patriots 0    0

Livestream phone call Feb 8, 9, 2021. We discuss recent events and Techno-Nazi censorship and related issues. Censor-bots on D-Wave computers hiding this video on the Techno-Nazi "...

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IGP5 00191 — Republicans Conservatives the Modern Kunta Ki... 0    0

Trump STILL POTUS.... only not the CORPORATE USA. Trap set. Not how we saw it. Diversion planted. Their crime is completed. Military in control. See the following videos:

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IGP4 00159 — Ukraine Nukes QPQ Cho-Mo Uncle Joe 0    0

Ukraine drops nuclear blast of facts exposing the extent and complexity behind the theft of 13 Billion Dollars from Ukraine, and demands its return. SHTF for the Biden crime Family.

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IGP3 00147 — Victims of Victimless Crimes 0    0

Please help a fellow Patriot whose blind brother died of a Chinese Fentanyl overdose... he was murdered by drug-dealing scumbags half a world away. Gofundme link to contribute ...

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IGP3 00091 — Public Service - Stop Voter Fraud 0    0

Report Election Fraud

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IGP DSPROJCT — Deep State Projecting Their Crimes 0    0

What does the Deep State do when you got the "goods" on them.... or the even THINK you do? They either accuse YOU of what they're doing, or they Arkancide your ass. ...

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IGP 74ATTACK — Domestic Terrorists plan July 4 Attacks 0    0

Jibeeps In America planning terrorist attacks on 4th of July. What they're planning as 'cover' for their crimes will work for Patriots doing "Patriot Shit".

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Dark Outpost 06-17-2020 Deep Fake Technology & George F... 1    0

Give The Gift Of Protection This Father's Day With The Solar Powered Water Heater. Go to and put "David15" In The Coupon Code To Save ...

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IGP CALLCNSR — Censorship of your phone calls next on the ... 0    0

Censorship gets WORSE after POTUS Executive Order on Communications Decency Act. See also: Dan Bongino We caught Google scrubbing CNBC article that says Epstein co...

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