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Comply or Die: How America Will Enforce TOTAL Wokeness | Gle... 0    0

WATCH more Glenn Beck: Have you noticed an insane number of companies “going woke” lately? There’s a big reason for why this is happening NOW, and it’s not just virt...

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IGP NOCOMPLY — Non-compliance Wardrobe 0    0

We have a few things that will piss off the Libtards without you having to say a word. T-shirt no masks or shots: Mocking face mask...

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They Never Thought She Would Lose, 16 Year Plan Push, Plan E... 0    0

Get The World Famous Solar Water Heater! Click Here! Use Promo Code X15 for 15% OFF  Check Out The X22 Report Spotlight YouTube Channel –

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IGP MERC4LEAD — Let's trade Your Mercury for Our Lead 0    0

Tell you what.... Patriots will trade their lead for your mercury. Standing watch. We will NOT comply. Fuck you, and your "vaccines".

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Sovereign Citizen EXTREMISTS - Identification 0    0

This series takes a deeper look into the sovereign citizen movement. In this particular episode, law enforcement covers identification - a topic that sovtards fail to comply with. Source: http...

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Sovereign Citizen - Failed and Jailed #10 0    0

Sovereign Citizens Failed and Jailed 10! A compilation of sovtards, AKA sovereign citizens. (Moorish) This one features a sovereign citizen who records himself getting chased by the police, a q...

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