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IGP9 00291 - Monday Roundtable 9-13-2021 0    0

Guests cindy Smith and Les Welch. Host David Trent We talk about the 9-11 myth, the Kung Flu, and government corruption in general. See 9-11 video mentioned in the opening remarks: https://www...

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IGP9 00289 - Hurt the WOKE where it hurts 0    0

Corporate control of the government is nothing new. Read the book "The Plot to Sieze The White House" by Jules Archer Up until my friend Arthur Bernklau (a 13-year...

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IGP9 00278 — Benghazi Afghanistan and Frazzledrip 0    0

What similarities exist between the abandonment of military base in Afghanistan, and the Benghazi attack? Frazzled rip is icing on the Bavarian turd-cake. These are the strings that tie the crimes tog...

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WHAT?! Fauci Partnered With Moderna On Vaccine | Dr. Maria R... 0    0

Don’t forget to comment below with your Common Sense and subscribe to my podcast at ► Connect with Rudy Giuliani on Twitter: ► C...

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IGP5 00228 — CABAL ARRESTED Absolute Proof 0    0

Many of the Deep State scumbags are wearing Stainless Steel Bling. Everything you see on the MSM news is a fuckin' APPARENCY. Arrest records clip from Republic Radio Their-Tube channel: https://w...

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IGP5 INITQ — Announcing Initiative Q 1    0

Initiative Q is a new and entirely unique Crypto Currency that is about to launch. Get over 12,000 Qs.... I call them "Quatloos"... for FREE, by accepting my invite: ...

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The US Is Facing An Rising Communist Movement; Trump Will No... 0    0

President Trump Twitter perma-suspended In this special end the week-day episode where I will share with you my deep analysis on the rise of communism at this very moment due to the apparent end of...

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The biggest treason in American history - Senior Army Office... 0    0

Arizona legislators held an unofficial election integrity hearing on Monday. A retired army information warfare officer echoes the warnings of Lt. General Flynn and Lt. Mcinerney -- an unprecedented k...

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IGP3 00136 — Kung-Flu Protests in UK 0    0

Thousands of protesters in UK chanting "Stick your poison vaccine / Stick your New World Order up your Arse".

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IGP3 00113 — Adam Andrzejewski The Depth of the Swamp 0    0

This video is re-posted with permission of Hillsdale College. End of video has recording of phone call, giving permission to use this material. Adam Andrzejewski is the founder and CEO of http://w...

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IGP3 00097 — Hammering the Election 0    0

Bid3n, Øbummer, CÎA, rigging Voter machines AGAIN. Treason, money-laundering, child trafficking, and WTF is done about it? NadaFuckinThing. Get ready for Revolution 2.0 Video used here https://y...

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IGP2 DSWARN2 — Deep State Warning 2 0    0

A demented piece of sub-human fotsam; an APPARENCY of the semblance of a human being, attempted to poison POTUS with Ricin — a toxin which has no antidote. It's time to hunt these scumbags down and ...

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IGP SHDWGATE — Shadow-Gate Millenial Millie arrested for t... 0    0

Millenial Millie was ARRESTED for producing this documentary. I am mirroring it EVERYWHERE. These bastards are going to have this video playing in their fuckin' DREAMS. T-shirt no masks or shots WW...

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