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IGP10 121R Batshit Betty Deep State Barf a thon 0    0

This video includes body-cam footage of my police report, and text comments on dome of the video segments. Otherwise, it is identical to IGP10 121 which is here:

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IGP10 121 Batshit Betty Deep State Barf a thon 0    0

Betty Washam (aka: Batshit Betty) is a CYBER TERRORIST. This video is just a SHORT compilation about what some normal people (and some of her fellow shit-bag Lefties, Swiffer-Duster head, Soy-sippin' ...

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IGP9 00299 — The most disgusting shit I ever heard of 0    0

Sorry, folks... But you better get your barf-bags ready, what has been revealed can make a serial-killer puke. Kudos to Judicial Watch, all of whose staff must have titanium stomachs to deal with this...

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Ep. 1586 Deeply Troubling Information From A Source In Afgha... 0    0

For show notes, visit This show is brought to you by Express VPN I heard ...

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IGP6 00236 — The Earth is FLAT cut your fingers off 0    0

The following voicemail left on my phone last week, illustrates how badly in need of insane asylums this Country has become. Harass a terrorist: His number (which is a local US or VOIP number is:...

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IGP6 00234 — My Pillow sues Dominion for 1.6 Billion 0    0 launched this morning despite MASSIVE Denial of Service attacks by Commie Scumbags who need to be summarily executed as non-uniformed enemy combatants.

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IGP6 00230 — The Etiology of Trolls and Traitors 0    0

The plague of Big-Tech censorship is made worse by the paid, Deep State Trolls who contaminate Social Media. These traitorous scumbags need to be eliminated.

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IGP5 00228 — CABAL ARRESTED Absolute Proof 0    0

Many of the Deep State scumbags are wearing Stainless Steel Bling. Everything you see on the MSM news is a fuckin' APPARENCY. Arrest records clip from Republic Radio Their-Tube channel: https://w...

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IGP MBOS — More Bags of Shit 1    0

EXTORTION is not something you want to do, ESPECIALLY when you KNOW the phone call will be recorded. Here is ANOTHER DemonRat who, like the Hildebeast, THINKS she's immune from prosecution. Maybe The ...

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Roy Blunt Arrested 0    0

Roy Blunt taken out in handcuffs. Two down, 200,000.more to go. Exponential take-down coming. DJT is STILL POTUS. #BackTheBlue Please Support Us And all Our Intel & hard work PL...

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IGP4 00172 Conspiracy Theory proven as Empirical FACT 0    0

Twitter stock takes a 17% nosedive, other Social Media PUBLISHERS will soon follow. TOLD YA! On New Year's day, Delta Force had raided a 200 acre compound in Ukraine, near Mariupol, controlled by ...

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IGP3 00147 — Victims of Victimless Crimes 0    0

Please help a fellow Patriot whose blind brother died of a Chinese Fentanyl overdose... he was murdered by drug-dealing scumbags half a world away. Gofundme link to contribute ...

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IGP3 00049 — House Resolution will start Revolution 0    0

Scumbags in the Demon House insult all of us for speaking TRUTH, and for DARING to listen to our PROVEN Truther: Article used here:

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IGP2 DSWARN2 — Deep State Warning 2 0    0

A demented piece of sub-human fotsam; an APPARENCY of the semblance of a human being, attempted to poison POTUS with Ricin — a toxin which has no antidote. It's time to hunt these scumbags down and ...

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TERJAWAB! Rupanya Ini Punca Sebenar Khairy Jamaluddin Minta ... 0    0

Ucapan maaf dari kerajaan kepada Veveonah Mosibin disampaikan Menteri Sains, Teknologi dan Inovasi, Khairy Jamaluddin dalam kunjungannya ke UMS, hari ini. SUBSCRIBE Dramajor For Following Latest ...

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