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Trump Prophecy 2020: WAR of JOE BIDEN 0    0

Trump Prophecy: The Trump Prophecy 2020 is a follow-up to the 2016 "Trump prophecy" documentary done by Trey Smith of God in a Nutshell. ...

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Livestream - Shining Force II: The Ancient Localization 0    0

This is from my livestream, which I do on YouTube, Hitbox, Twitch, and various other streaming services through .

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LoV: League Of Valhalla Gameplay 0    0

LoV: League Of Valhalla Reborn in Glory An MMORPG based in Norse mythology, League of Valhalla invites intrepid warriors to join forces with friends and take on Loki and his evil forces. Explore...

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[プレイステーション] Alundra (Hyper Playstation Re-... 0    0

A demo of Alundra that has you play in the Reptile Lair dungeon,, pretty far in the game. The PrePre demo has the ancient Shrine instead. Hope to get to that later.

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BS Zelda AST MSU1 Project Audio Edit - Toy Music Zelda (BSZ ... 0    0

Since I did some fairly intense MSU1 audio editing at times (Well, intense by my lazy standards, anyway) I figured I'd post some standalone versions of it to YouTube. This is a snippet from that &a...

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Orfeu Negro (Black Orpheus) 0    0

This movie launched the Bossa Nova craze of the late 1950's and early 1960's (and taught everyone to Samba) while introducing the impossibly lovely (and American born) Marpessa Dawn to the world. Caus...

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