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IGP WTFYDFML — Wizzut The Fizzuk You Doin For Me Lately 0    0

What is government doing lately while getting paid with OUR money? Not a damn thing except trying to cover up their TREASON.

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IGP TAKITBAK — It's time to take the Country back 0    0

Tolerance for the bullshit is wearing thin. Read the comments. If just 10% are not just blowin' smoke, WAR on these domestic enemies is imminent.

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IGP GAMEOVER — The Deep State Game is OVER 0    0

If the Department of Justice won't act, Patriots will inevitably have no choice but to do what Patriots do.

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Covid-1984 from Truth Factory YouTube channel 0    0

Here are some links if you'd like to support my work: Subscribe Star: Paypal Donation/Tip: https://www.paypa...

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IGP POPPRAY — Pissed-off Patriot's Prayer 0    0

This has been around a while, but I call it "The Pissed-off Patriot's Prayer" Lord, make my hand fast and accurate. Let my aim be true and my hand faster than th...

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IGP KNOBSALE — Doorknobs for Sale — DemonRats ONLY 0    0

The Lockdown and recent developments gave me a great idea.... sell doorknobs to DemonRats. We can forego trials to save taxpayer money, be rid of them, and I can recover from 3 years of doing this shi...

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IGP FUKFAUCI — Fauci and Birx GONE — Should be hung 0    0

Fauci & Birx intentionally mis-informed the President about a bogus virus, and led to global economic chaos. Crimes like this should be punishable by death.

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IGP FLYNNCNG — DOJ Drops Flynn Case 0    0

Fox News reports Adam Schitt & Deep State are in deep shyte Flynn can sue under DOJ and Individuals 18USC §1983, §241, §242 Non-existent Aband...

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IGP AFHPRIMR — YES. We know. Run. Find a Doorknob #WeAreCo... 0    0

Serious spelunking... A rabbit-hole to explore. See also: ✨CPS Abuse videos✨

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IGP DS ARREST — Comey, Strozk, Page ARRESTED 0    0

Several unvetted sources are reporting Deep-State arrests. I'll believe it when the Communist News Network (CNN) has no choice but to report it, and try to bullshit their way around it.

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IGP CBSPVER — Project Veritas catches CBS in Fake CV news 0    0

The MSM is caught AGAIN. How many bullshit stories will it take before YOU stop paying to be brainwashed?

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IGP FRNGFLAG — Gold-Fringed Flag makes me sick 0    0

If you're awake, you'll know why. If you don't know why, you need to kick that sandman in the balls.

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IGP DNICONFM — John Ratcliff DNI Confirmation Hearing 0    0

John Ratcliff Senate Confirmation Hearing for Director of National INTELLIGENCE. Playlist Rudy Giuliani Common Sense:

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