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New England Patriots vs. Miami Dolphins | 2022 NFL Season We... 0    0

New England Patriots vs. Miami Dolphins | 2022 NFL Season Week 1 | Predictions Madden NFL 23 SUBSCRIBE & TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS If you liked the video, please leave it to Like &am...

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IGP9 HYDRA - Is a Hydra swimming in the Fauci Ouchi 0    0

There is a microscopic creature called "hydra" that is commonly found in fresh Water. It is an Octopus-like thing that will re-assemble itself like the liquid metal s...

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IGP9 00303 - Epstein NOT Dead - on board his boat surrounded... 0    0

Details of this are still emerging, but we TOLD YOU that Jeffrey Epstein did NOT kill himself. Some evidence is leaking tht he is on his boat called "The Dancing Hare&quot...

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IGP9 00295 - General Mark Millie Comitts TREASON & Perki... 0    0

Mark Millie sleeping with the enemy. John Durham asks DOJ for indictment of Perkins Coi Lawyer. Do we have to be in a DECLARED war in order for TREASON charges to apply? China unofficially declare...

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BREAKING: Project Veritas Obtains Never-Before-Seen Images I... 0    0

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IGP5 00219 — President Donald Trump Rocks CPAC 0    0

Was there hidden messages in Trump's CPAC Speech? Whatever the Alliance is up to, secrecy is tighter than a clam's ass.... and that's Water-tight.

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People are REALLY Getting Sick of This! 0    0

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Google’s Hidden CIA Connection - The Full Story 0    0

Thank you to ExpressVPN for sponsoring this video! Go to and find out how you can get 3 months free --- About ColdFusion --- ColdFusion is an Australian based onl...

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IGP3 00110 — Ballot Forensic Watermark Scanners 0    0

I told you all last week THE BALLOTS ARE FORENSICALLY MARKED. The level of "being fűckěd" is astronomical. No way out of THIS one,...

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IGP3 00106 — MSM says Winner Joe with FAKE Ballots PROVEN 0    0

DHS has Watermarked & Forensic ally tagged all ballots. Deep-State automatons caught by National Guard forging fake ballots printed in ...

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IGP3 00104 — DemonRats Step on their own Deeek 0    0

Reliable information says that OFFICIAL absentee ballots, and mail-in ballots that were printed by the US Government have Invisible Watermarks, which will distinguish them from COUNTERFEIT ballots pri...

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IGP MSKSHAMG — Mask Shaming 0    0

Some asshole with a PhD wants to give everyone a pill, or poison the Water so they can force you to wear a diaper on your face. NOT KIDDING, folks. This is the Insanity of the Techno-Nazi Left-wing De...

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IGP JESUBASE — Little St James, submarine Base 0    0

Jeffrey Epstein's Island has an underWater submarine base. Ghislaine Maxwell has a submarine license. Her parents' company BUILDS submarines. Joe Biden & his son own the island &am...

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Dark Outpost 06-17-2020 Deep Fake Technology & George F... 1    0

Give The Gift Of Protection This Father's Day With The Solar Powered Water Heater. Go to and put "David15" In The Coupon Code To Save ...

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