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[PICO] 维尼熊 | A Year at Pooh Corner (Taiwan) 1    0

Support Team-Europe! Last Taiwan-region Sega Pico ROM dump for the time being. It's that Pooh game again. This is like, the most frequently-localized Pico game,...

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[PICO] 米老鼠 | ミッキーと大きな古時計 (台湾... 1    0

Support Team-Europe! This is from the first in a wave of Taiwanese Sega Pico ROM dumps. Do note that we may need some help on rendering the Taiwanese titles for...

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[PICO] プーさんとたのしいなかまたち | A Year a... 1    0

Support Team-Europe! Not too different from the other known versions, but there is some amount of Japanese, at least.

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[PICO] Mickys lustiges Abenteuer (Germany) (Unreleased) | �... 1    0

Support Team-Europe! I finally managed to figure out how to play this all the way through, so I recorded it. Oddly enough, this version functions better in Kega...

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[PICO] ミッキーと大きな古時計 | 554 Mickey to Oo... 1    0

Back to playing Pico ROMs.. Here's yet another Mickey Mouse Disney game. As usual, Support Team-Europe for more Pico!

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