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SegaSonic vs. Popcorn Shop - version 2 (Mix) 0    0

I decided to try throwing the mixes of both "Trouble" from SegaSonic Popcorn Shop and "Next Level" from SegaSonic the Hedgehog into ...

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SegaSonic Popcorn Shop music - 6 - Popcorn is Served 0    0

This is the last track that plays during any "normal" run of this little amusement "game".

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SegaSonic Popcorn Shop music - 2 - Flavor Select 0    0

From here we get some interesting new musical compositions. This is the song that plays during the prompt to select popcorn.

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SegaSonic Popcorn Shop music - 3 - Conveyor Chase 0    0

All of these tracks were, like the Sonic Patrol Car tracks, ripped from the sound test in the service menu. This track is the one that plays while Sonic is chased by pretty little Ballerina Eggman.

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SegaSonic Popcorn Shop music - 7 - Trouble (Please Ask For A... 0    0

This track only plays when there's a technical difficulty that needs to be resolved. (Or, in MAME, if you press certain keys, or let the game run idle during the Popcorn Popping sequence.) Interest...

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SMW MSU1 Project Audio Edit - Mario! Stay Alert! (MSU1 Castl... 0    0

Second one. I don't know what else I have that would qualify at the moment, but I'll keep you all posted. This is an excerpt from "Mario! Stay Alert!" on the Super...

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Sega Pico Music - Page 5 (Sonic Gameworld Japanese) 0    0

And now some other Sonic the Hedgehog Gameworld tracks. EDIT: Whoops! Nearly forgot, this page is actually the last page in the Japanese version, because of the omission of the gambling games in th...

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Sega Pico Music - Title Screen (Ultraman Kids) 0    0

Someone told me a long time back this sounded like music used in the actual TV program, but I can't seem to track it down... It's definitely not "Cosmos Adventure"...

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