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IGP UNSEALED — Analysis Predicts Indictment Unsealing Trig... 0    0

Wait 'till you hear THIS. Category 9 Storm about to hit the District of Criminals MUST SEE: JFK to 9-11 Traitor 44 Authorized coup via EO:

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IGP NOVOAPAT — No Voter Apathy THIS time 0    0

We cannot afford NOT to vote in EVERY election. We must overwhelm the corruption so completely, that fraud cannot possibly prevail.

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IGP COOLLEAK — Coolant Leak another problem fixed 0    0

Inside a BIG problem, is a bunch of LITTLE problems wanting to get out. We handle them as they come.

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IGP RGPC12— Rudy Giuliani Podcast Part 12 CoronaVirus 0    0

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IGP RDY2ROLL — Ready to Roll 0    0

Well, another of God's angels named Bret, his wife, and their son came and fixed the Camper. Wow... I know I'm under attack by demons, but the Angels have all but un-done their mischief.

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IGP ANGLSHOW — Angels Abound Around Us 0    0

Our Camper broke down, and as soon as I posted this video: wouldn't you know it, a local subscriber saw it, and posted a comment offering to help. OMG I am overwhelmed b...

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IGP BROKERV — OTW to Stay over our RV BLEW UP 0    0

On the way to where I was going to park the Camper for a few days until we took care of last-minute things, our camper blew up.

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IGP RGP1011— Rudy Giuliani Podcast Part 10 & 11 0    0

Playlist {podcast & related videos}: Part 1 & Part 2: Part 3:...

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IGP HRCDIND— Bill Barr indicts 8 HRC Donors 0    0

See also:

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IGP RGUPC8— Rudy Giuliani Podcast Part 9 0    0

Playlist {podcast & related videos}: Part 1 & Part 2: Part 3:...

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IGP CTFGHFK — Child Trafficking from Group Homes for Kids 0    0

Wil Kinesche presents evidence that the Foster Care system is being used as a pool of victims for Child sex trafficking.

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IGP ToniDetx— Toni is in Detox then rehab 0    0

Toni called in good spirits from the Rehab program. Thank you all from both of us for your prayers and your kindness. We are hedged-in by angels; the adversity is a demonstration of the power of the D...

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IGP R TRIALS — Cant have a testimony without the test 0    0

The Demons in Hell, and those in DC, are trembling today. The Lord God is finally fed up with their unceasing evil. This is how I make it through times like this.

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IGP JUSTAMIN — Just a minute here.... 0    0

Although I DID call the FISA Court "corrupt" a few months ago in a prior video, it was a "gut feeling". Now I always knew what this ...

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