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PlumberPost Status 2/4 - 554 Wiggler 554 0    0

And now, I figure out what to do with all that Terebikko footage... Thanks for watching! As with all YouTube channels, likes, subscriptions and comments are welcome - but I presume that is to be ex...

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[VHS修復更新] マリオとヨッシーの冒険ランド... 0    0

Released to celebrate the original edition's 1 milllion+ views, magiblot has given the VHS restoration of the Super Mario World anime a further look and tweaked more things! Among the differences? ...

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[MAD] Yamchario dies | ヤムチャリオが死にます 0    0

This is a segment excerpt from "Satellaview 20th Anniversary - Tōru Furuya (古谷 徹)". Be sure to watch it if you'd want to know why I made this ridiculous joke o...

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554 Luigi Sounds Like (TFS?) Goku 554 - Several YouTube Co... 1    0

Since the Bouken Land Plankton edit did decent I followed it up. I don't actually agree that well with this one, but there is at least some similarity with MasakoX's voice so I figured I'd roll wit...

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554 Larry/Iggy/Lemmy (?) Sounds Like Plankton 554 - Severa... 1    0

Yes, a meme Bouken Land edit. It actually works kinda well. He even cusses at the proper cue! YouTube is telling me to tell people to join and become a member for reasons, so here's the link for...

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Using the Terebikko on a See n' Say YouTube upload! (Terebik... 1    0

This confirms that, even with the stretches of YouTube reuploading, the See n' Say video phone and the Terebikko are the same device. I WAS gonna hit my head over this, but the only See n' Say on e...

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[てれびっこ] 夢のお部屋へようこそ 1    0

The last of my distinct Terebikko haul for this month. This particular tape seems a bit more worn than the others and thus has a few frames here and there where it blanks out or distorts. Apologies...

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[てれびっこ] ウルトラマン 1    0

Currently, the VCR I normally use to record VHS tapes is busted. This is using the mono-sound VCR from my "Mario & Wario GTV video" recording. It may ...

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[てれびっこ] たのしいおかいもの 1    0

This Terebikko vidoe has both math and "etiquette" questions. Needless to say, the animations for the "Wrong" answers are funny. ...

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[てれびっこ] こたえてムーンコール 1    0

Hmm, let's see if anyone notices what this is, with that elephant in the thumbnail...

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[てれびっこ] わかるかな No.4 文字あそび 4歳 ... 1    0

Oh hey, I forgot I had this Terebikko VHS. Probably because it has no characters I recognize, very little animation, is about half the length of the others, and is basically all rapid-fire quiz que...

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[てれびっこ] パン屋さんてどんなとこ? 1    0

Woah, trippy. This Terebikko VHS quizzes about pastries and has some Roger Rabbit-esque animated/live-action mix scenes.

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[てれびっこ] のりもの いろいろ大冒険 | Nori... 1    0

Another Terebikko VHS. This one is mostly meant to teach about cars, trains and planes, among other methods of transportation. It has a lot of live-action footage, for some reason.

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【てれびっこ】 オバQチャンネル | Oba Q Channel 1    0

I don't know how good a way to celebrate 39k subs this is, but I had another Terebikko VHS and I figured I'd try seeing if it'd be liked here. This particular tape seems to be based on the &amp...

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