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IGP DEFUNDPD — PLEASE DE-Fund the Police - PLEASE 0    0

Defunding the police is the BEST IDEA the DemonRats ever had. Even Occasional Cortex missed THIS one!

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IGP SEANDAVE — Patriot North of the Border & I Talk 0    0

Sean of Plymouth Fury THEIR-Tube channel and I shoot the shit for about an hour. Subscribe to Plymouth Fury:

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IGP DCMUTINY — Mutiny will be put down. Mutineers will Wal... 0    0

Info says MUTINY against POTUS. Patriot rage poised to physically remove and hang traitors. See also: ThirdTerm,FourthTerm,ObamaGate,SaveTheChildren,USANet4Truth,Ne...

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IGP DANBDNSH — Dan Bongino & Dinesh Desousa 0    0

A riveting interview with Dinesh Dsousa. You don't want to miss this. Subscribe to Dan Bongino: Video used here:

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IGP YPHARAOH — Young Pharaoh blows up the spot on DC Pedov... 0    0

Young Pharaoh blows up the spot on DC Pedovores Subscribe to Young Pharaoh: Watch full video of clip used here:

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IGP ENDCHINA — Is this the END of China 0    0

A proclamation by the Chinese People is read by Steve Bannon. Take from this what you will, but I think it's pissing upwind in a Saigon monsoon.

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IGP PLYMFURY — Plymouth Fury Presents 0    0

My good friend from North of the border put this together Subscribe to Plymouth Fury:

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IGP RGCSEP41 — Rudy Giuliani - What American Education Nee... 0    0

Rudy Giuliani discusses problems with the Public School System with Jerry Falwell Jr. of Liberty University Playlist {podcast & related videos}: https://www...

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IGP ANTIFUKD — POTUS Declares ANTIFA Domestic Terrorists 0    0

See Dr. Steve Turley: See Dan Bongino: Pyramyd Air Pistols & Rifles

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IGP FAUCHINK — Fauci allegedly financed Wuhan Bio-weapon L... 0    0

POTUS investigating 3.7 million dollars sent BYVNIH to Wuhan Bio-weapon Lab See Gary Franchi's videos:

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IGP JUS4RECD — Just 4 the Record Riots 5-2020 0    0

Just for the record... Months, if not years will pass, and the truth will finally become clear. Future will prove past (once again).

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IGP RGCSEP40 — Rudy Giuliani Common Sense Episode 40 Bengh... 0    0

Rudy speaks with Mark Geist from security team in Benghazi on the day of the attack. Playlist {podcast & related videos}:

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