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BS Spriggan Powered Prelude Vocal Removal Test - Unknown tit... 0    0

Like with the Prelude version of "Over the Beautiful Forest", this... almost works. Almost! Anyway, this track is similar to the one here:

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some BS-X soundfont experiments 0    0

So this time I tried seeing how BS-X soundfont would blend with some other songs. Super Nintendo GM unofficial fills in missing instruments. MIDIs us...

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Releasing the BS Ihatovo Monogatari Dai-2-wa ROM (PLUS BS Ze... 1    0

BS Ihatovo episode 2 ROM dump by sanmaiwashi: (rename to .sfc or .bs if necessary) BONUS: Conn's hack to enable the BS Zelda: I...

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[サテラビュー] スーパーファミコンウォーズ... 1    0

Huh, this one is different from the previous "Super Famicom Wars BS" dump! This was a longer recording but I think after half an hour you get the idea. Thanks t...

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bsnes 107.1 | Treasure Conflix - HD Mode 7 Beta 1 test 1    0

My third test was unfortunately a victim of "My compuer ain't good enough for this stuff." as Treasure Conflix had several noticable chugs during my recording. Well, ...

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BS Zelda Music remastered by FireBrandX (Satellaview) 1    0

My desktop hasn't been working for a while, so I haven't been able to upload much. Here's a bit of something as an apology; FireBrandX, over at the BS Zelda forums, did these "rema...

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BSゼルダの伝説 - 耳をすませのテーマ | BS ... 1    0

FireBrandX has wowed me with this. He's managed to produce a clean, listenable version of one of BS Zelda's original music tracks, one in particular I didn't think possible. It's been put up for do...

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[スーパーファミコン] Satellawave サテラビュー... 1    0

Well, not exactly "fixed"... it's more like I uploaded the wrong version to YouTube. Oops. (The NicoNico upload is fine.) A video I recorded with the intent to upl...

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[サテラビュー] ワリオの森 イベント バージ�... 1    0

(EDIT: SOUND FIXED!) So, finally, after a long wait, and thanks to Johnnyboy ( on Twitter), this was recovered! It looks to be the special "Ba...

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bsnes 107.1 | BS F-Zero Grand Prix 2 Practice - HD Mode 7 Be... 1    0

Not quite the F-Zero everyone was requesting, but ey! I'm actually not entirely certain the video quality is up to snuff here - I recorded in the same settings as Chrono Trigger Jet Bike Special and...

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シミューレーションRPGツクール版BSファイア�... 1    0

I wanted to record this a while back, but it was only recently I figured out how to actually record it. Since the original site this was on seems to be long dead, here's the URL for the download: ...

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