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MTV CRIBZ - Colecperrine (2016) 0    0

Welcome to my crib. I got a copyright claim on the sad piano music too so I ain't even making money from this video. Send help. ===================================================== Social Media...

Cole Perrine 900 views

I HAVE CLONES??? (2015) 0    0

IS MORE THAN ONE COLE TOO MUCH FOR THIS WORLD TO TAKE??? HOW ABOUT FOUR????? I'm gonna be honest I'm still grounded and this is the only thing I can record. Hope you enjoy still, and sorry for tho...

Cole Perrine 895 views

Back to the Future Day! 0    0

Tiny video I thought would be fun to put together, for those who haven't seen Back to the Future, the Google Play link is below to rent for $2.99 (SD) and $3.99 (HD) and watch right now. Happy BTTF da...

Cole Perrine 1,116 views

Indestructible?! - NoPhone Drop, Smash, & Murder Test 0    0

We put our NoPhone to the test! Can it stand up to the every day trials and tribulations of being a phone? We'll see! ===================================================== Social Media: ‣ Twi...

Cole Perrine 836 views

How to draw freehand sketch |portrait sketch | shading shado... 0    0

#art #shading #pencilSketch #portraitSketch Learn how to draw realistic portrait in shading This is freehand Sketch Woooooow ...what a fantastic art

Sweety-singh96 1,032 views

kukun kun kut - Popeye Can Not Maths 0    0

Well, I ... was not expecting to see a Popeye Sketch in one of these! if 5+2= 8.... well, I dread how the rest of that test will go. Will Spinach help here? Original:

Cabbusses 938 views

sm15824461 - NEO・GEO ギャルズグラフィティ | Neo... 0    0

Original NND URL: Woohoo, I found another odd one! This video is centered around the various SNK "Gals" from the early N...

Cabbusses 1,198 views

[セガサターン] シルエットミラージュ | Silho... 0    0

Silhouette Mirage has a neat feature/demo mix in the August 1997 edition of Tech Saturn. The feature includes the anime OP, Sketch art for the characters (Concept art, maybe?), and an interview wit...

Cabbusses 990 views

【VHS】ボンバーマン 勇気をありがとう私が�... 1    0

In spite of the title, this is barely a Bomberman anime; there's some comedic (and near the end, PSA-style) Sketches of Bomberman interspersed through the program, but it's mostly an anime about a fam...

Cabbusses 1,189 views