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IGP3 — God Bless America 1    0

Lee Greenwood, in collaboration with The United States Air Force Band, Singing Sergeants and Home Free, released a new version of his hit song “God Bless the U.S.A.”

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kukun kun kut - Toad Conductor's peculiar musical taste 0    0

Among kukun kun's Satlelaview uploads is the earliest "Waiwai de Q" stuff - so early the format is actually pretty different from what would come later! Anyway, in...

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kukun kun kut - Demonstrating what a Guitar Zero they actua... 0    0

And in this clip, we have old expensive PC accessories from back in the day. The most notable one here is probably "The Virtual Guitar", the accessory used for &a...

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Sega Pico Music - Page 3 (Bioneun Nal) 1    0

It's too bad I can't embed music into the description, otherwise I'm certain "Singing in the Rain" would work well with this game.

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Sega Pico Music - Moonlight Densetsu | ムーンライト伝... 1    0

More of this~ For reference, page 1 in Minna de Karaoke is the one with the TV show-based tracks. Pages 2 and 3 seem to adapt more traditional folk songs and whatsuch.

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Sega Pico Music - Honey Flash | ハニーフラッシュ (Mi... 1    0

The "karaoke" versions of these songs in the Minna de Karaoke ROM are a bit different from the ones used in the games the music was adapted from. Let's put these vers...

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Sega Pico Music - Gegege no Kitaro | ゲゲゲの鬼太郎 ... 1    0

I had to actually learn how to navigate the Karaoke app to find this song in it. Now that I think about it, Gegege no Kitaro's character designs give me a weird Dr. Seuss vibe, don't they?

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[PICO] みんなでおどろう オズのまほうつかい ... 1    0

Support Team-Europe! Well, if there's any one recording that I'd call the "Special Musical Episode", I guess this has to be it! T...

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【CROSS ANGE JP COVER】TowaGatari ~Hikari no Uta~ 歌っ... 0    0

Please support me! ;w; VK public page: Thanks a lot to my pa...

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【VOCALOID JP COVER】Seisou Bakuretsu Boy 歌ってみた... 0    0

Please support me! ;w; VK public page: ~MP3 AFTER 5000 VIEWS...

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WWE Money in the Bank 2019 MITB Roman Reigns vs. Elias Predi... 0    0

WWE Money in the Bank 2019 MITB Roman Reigns vs. Elias Predictions WWE 2K19 SUBSCRIBE! & TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS! If you liked the video, please leave it to Like & ...

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