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Trying out Puyo Puyo on Project Nested w/ SNES9X 0    0

A game that has not been checked on the Compatibility list, so I can give the result. tl;dr Endless mode works. Mission mode does not and will crash either before or between a stage loads. Note ...

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Livestream - Yeti Testing 0    0

Okay, more than Yeti testing. This also shows off some of the PC Engine CD game haul I got a while back but didn't get to play. While everyone else has Puyo Puyo Tetris, I'm still playing CD. FML. ...

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Kirbys Avalanche - Nintendo Power Previews 10 segment 0    0

If you liked this feel free to give the original Laserdisc ripper your support. His YouTube is here, and you can watch the entire unedited disc here:

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sm9188628 - セガビデオマガジン 1995年6月号 | Seg... 0    0

Original NND URL: Sega Saturn: Riglord Saga Shining Wisdom Magic Knight Rayearth Tengai Makyo Gaiden Shin Megami Tensei Guardian Heroes Sega Adventur...

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sm546674 - ぷよぷよSUN GameBoy プロモーション�... 0    0

Original NND URL: A preview video for the GameBoy version of "Puyo Puyo Sun".

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sm15893846 -【メダルゲーム】ぷよぷよスロット... 0    0

Original NicoNico URL: Last I heard, this wasn't dumped in MAME, but with this kind of high-quality footage, I would have thought otherwise...!!

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sm9032049 - セガビデオマガジン 1994年10月号 | Se... 0    0

Original NND URL: Sega Saturn hardware preview Virtua Fighter Clockwork Knight Panzer Dragoon Shinsetsu Yumemi Yakata Daytona USA Super 32X: Star ...

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sm7141512 - 懐かしのSFC XBAND ぷよぷよ | XBAND Supe... 0    0

Original NND URL: Archival footage of Super Puyo Puyo being played on the Japanese Super Famicom version of the XBAND service. This is basically the whol...

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sm9059892 - セガビデオマガジン 1994年12月号 | Se... 0    0

Original NND URL: Sega Saturn: Shinsetsu Yumemi Yakata Clockwork Knight Gale Racer Myst Street Fighter The Movie: Real Battle On Film X-Men: Children ...

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sm8943251 - セガビデオマガジン 創刊準備号 | Se... 0    0

Original NND URL: [Mega Drive] Shining Force II Inishie no Fuuin Puyo Puyo King of the Monsters Party Quiz Mega Q Columns III Yu Yu Hakusho Gaiden ...

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sm9048711 - セガビデオマガジン 1994年11月号 | Se... 0    0

Original NND URL: Sega Saturn: Virtua Fighter Clockwork Knight WanChai Connection Super 32x: Star Wars Arcade DOOM After Burner Complete Virtua Raci...

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ニコニココンビネーション -【メダルゲーム�... 0    0

ニコニコ URLs: I created ...

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[ゲームギア] なぞぷよ エディタ | Game Gear Nazo... 0    0

Recorded for Hidden-Palace: I wonder if HiddenPalace is correct to classify this as a "proto", though... it feels like it's purpose is ve...

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[プレイステーション] ぷよぷよSUN決定盤 | Puy... 0    0

The Puyo Puyo Sun demo in Purepure Volume 9 locks you into three rounds of the single player mode. You are locked out of hitting start to continue, so if you lose (Or after the third match regardless ...

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