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Estpolis Denki II (Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals) Prototy... 0    0

This was released on the assemblergames forums after a round of broken EEPROMs,fix hacks and drama.

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[PICO] A look at 554 Pepe's Puzzles 554 localization proto... 1    0

Timestamp navigation: ( 00:00 ) ペンギンうきうき びっくりすいぞくかん めいろ・パズル in process of being converted to US version, "Pepe's Puzzles&amp...

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[PICO] A look at 554 Mickey's Blast into the Past 554 prot... 1    0

This is an old batch of prototype releases from the Hidden-Palace community. Been a while since I had anything like it up! There were multiple Protos of "Mickey's Blast into the Pa...

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[PICO] A look at 554 Musical Zoo 554 Localization Prototyp... 1    0

Once again digging into Hidden-Palace's proto hall, this video shows the following set of prototypes (As named in TOSEC): Musical Zoo Rev 19941220 Musical Zoo Rev 19950104 Musical Zoo Rev 19950...

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