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Legacy Content Marathon - 4 Hours of Flash SegaSaturn demos 0    0

EDIT: Edited out the stuff that had encoding errors. Will probably throw them in a separate marathon once I figure out the "why" of that. Another marathon compilat...

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sm19512329 + sm19512535 + sm19512693 - 20年前のPCゲ�... 0    0

Original NND URLs: I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (...

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sm9076590 - セガビデオマガジン 1995年1月号 | Seg... 0    0

Original NND URL: Sega Saturn: Panzer Dragoon Gotha Rampo J.League Victory Goal Pebble Beach Golf Links Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai Special Game no Tatsuj...

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sm3689898 - 爆走プレイステーション | Early Playst... 0    0

Original NND URL: An assortment of Playstation previews. Includes titles such as "Motor Toon Grand Prix". &quo...

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sm9177541 - セガビデオマガジン 1995年5月号 | Se... 0    0

Original NND URL: Sega Saturn: Daytona USA Greatest Nine Gran Chaser Shin Shinobiden Blue Seed Riglord Saga World Advanced Daisenryaku Gokujo Parodi...

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sm9115168 - セガビデオマガジン 1995年2月号 | Seg... 0    0

Original NND URL: Super 32x: Metal Head 36 Great Holes Stellar Assault Parasquad Tempo Chaotix Mega Drive: Ristar Alien Soldier Surging Aura Mi...

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sm9148063 - セガビデオマガジン 1995年4月号 | Seg... 0    0

Original NND URL: Sega Saturn: Daytona USA Virtual Hydlide Astal Greatest Nine Blue Seed Riglord Saga Gokujo Parodius Da! Sangokushi IV EMIT Vol. 1...

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[Playstation] Konami Best Collection - '96 Fuyu-'97 Haru Ban 0    0

This demo disc is entirely video content on autoplay. Demo videos contained in this: 1: Vandal Hearts 2: J-League Jikkyou Winning Eleven '97 3: Lightning Legend ~Daigo no Daibouken~ 4: ...

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[プレイステーション] 極上パロディウスだ! ... 0    0

Requested by 山田中村太郎 A demo of the shmup compilation by Konami. This showcases a single stage of Gokujo Parodius. YouTube is telling me to tell people to join and become a member for ...

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[セガサターン] セクシーパロディウス | Sexy P... 1    0

A one-level demo of the service-laden Parodius entry. It does not seem like the mission objective actually matters in this demo, as you can get by alright just by shooting whatever.

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