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IGP RGCS5556 - Rudy Giuliani Common Sense 55-56 0    0

Rudy Giuliani Common Sense 55-56 POTUS War Room & Roger Stone Playlist {podcast & related videos}:

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IGP CALLCNSR — Censorship of your phone calls next on the ... 0    0

Censorship gets WORSE after POTUS Executive Order on Communications Decency Act. See also: Dan Bongino We caught Google scrubbing CNBC article that says Epstein co...

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IGP DCMUTINY — Mutiny will be put down. Mutineers will Wal... 0    0

Info says MUTINY against POTUS. Patriot rage poised to physically remove and hang traitors. See also: ThirdTerm,FourthTerm,ObamaGate,SaveTheChildren,USANet4Truth,Ne...

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IGP ANTIFUKD — POTUS Declares ANTIFA Domestic Terrorists 0    0

See Dr. Steve Turley: See Dan Bongino: Pyramyd Air Pistols & Rifles

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IGP FAUCHINK — Fauci allegedly financed Wuhan Bio-weapon L... 0    0

POTUS investigating 3.7 million dollars sent BYVNIH to Wuhan Bio-weapon Lab See Gary Franchi's videos:

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IGP OFFTWITR — Get Trump. off Twitter - ROTFL 0    0

Hilarious meme. You gotta see this. Was posted just after POTUS tweet about Joe Scarborough.

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IGP RVNGDEMN — Revenge of the DemonRats 0    0

The Kung-Flu was unleashed to punish us for voting for Donald Trump and successfully electing him as POTUS despite a rigged election.

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IGP RGPC22 - 2 — Rudy Giuliani Podcast Part 22 0    0

POTUS and Hydroxychloroquine Treatment for Kung-Flu Playlist {podcast & related videos}: Get your Corona...

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The Legacy media has betrayed us. POTUS should replace the Press Corps with us, and FCC should revoke MSM's broadcast licenses. Get your Corona quarantine T-shirt

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IGP 045 — The Eye of the Storm 0    0

What you think hasn't happened, has ALREADY happened. Brilliant move by POTUS & Patriots.

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IGP PAYTAX-0 — POTUS wants to eliminate payroll tax withho... 0    0

16th Amendment Comments: 202-456-1111 Switchboard: 202-456-1414 TTY/TTD Comment: 202-456-6213 WRITE LETTERS TO: Th...

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IGP AQUITED — POTUS AQUITED — Percocet Pelosi Pissed 0    0

THIS round of bullshit is OVER. The Senate has acquitted the President of this impeachment witch-hunt. Get ready for MORE bullshit. Oven-Mitt Fashionista will be 2020 candidate. See https://you...

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IGP PROLIFE — POTUS speech at March For Life Rally 0    0

The first President EVER to attend and speak at a Pro-Life rally. What does that tell you about every other president since the 1963 Roe v. Wade infanticide ruling?

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