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IGP3 00125 — Sidney Powell Fired — IDTS 0    0

The threat to our country is so great, the POTUS and thousands of others are perusing these things Pro-bono. See Pete Santilli The links below are for the Dominion...

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IGP3 00120 — 3l3ction Rigging and DS Media 0    0

The gaslightig by MSM and the Techno-Nazis is getting toxic. The following is what I paste into every "fact-check" window I see. Just click on the 3 dots to the le...

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IGP3 00112 — Georgia will re-do POTUS voting 0    0

Georgia is ordered to redo the election the demon rats are fuckedGeorgia is ordered to redo the election the demon rats are fucked. Their-Tube still putting "fact-check&amp...

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IGP3 00106 — Letter to POTUS Nov 8 2020 0    0

This letter needs to go viral. Post the link to this video everywhere. Send it to POTUS on his Twitter page, or modify it, print it, and send it by snail-mail Link to document page: https://tinyur...

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IGP3 00070 — Techno-Nazis going Full Monte Pravda 0    0

47 U.S.C. §230 is about to be repealed according to a tweet by POTUS. This is the Death Knell for the Techno-Nazis, because once that protection is stripped away, every swingin' dick on God's green E...

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IGP3 00060 — POTUS Calls for Bid3n O'Bumm3r 2B Indicted 0    0

Trump is not playing games anymore See FOX interview See X22 Report *** #CLASS_ACTION Vs Big Tech *** See video: https://www.bitc...

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IGP3 00059 — POTUS Calls for REPEAL of CDA Section 42USC s... 0    0

TOLD YA! Social Media CEOs get ready to be taken to the woodshed. Forbes article:

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IGP3 00057 — DECLAS inyerr Azz 0    0

POTUS releases DECLAS on the Coup attempt with NO REDACTIONS. I Told you SHTF on October 2. Watch the turdballs flush themselves now. See X22 Report

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IGP2 00042 — CDA Section 230 1 Step Closer to Repeal 0    0

POTUS met to discuss what to do about online censorship. The Techno-Nazis are about to get hammered.

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IGP2 DSWARN2 — Deep State Warning 2 0    0

A demented piece of sub-human fotsam; an APPARENCY of the semblance of a human being, attempted to poison POTUS with Ricin — a toxin which has no antidote. It's time to hunt these scumbags down and ...

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IGP 2 — 00003 — POTUS pardon NOT what was expected 0    0

A pardon for Julian made sense, and was entirely logical, since one of the biggest factors in the 2016 upset of a DNC rigged election, was the dump of the Podesta emails by Wikileaks. See https://...

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IGP 2 — 00002 — POTUS to pardon top Digital Warrior 0    0

News flash.... If my source is correct, at 11:30hrs EST today, you will need to be INDOORS, as bits of Libtard, Deep-State skulls explode with such ferocity, pieces will be launched so high into space...

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IGP BIDNHARS — Biden Harris NWO Puppets Get Ready for WAR 0    0

CJB WILL NEVER BE POTUS. Don't be misled. Arrests are imminent, and the Deep State is FINISHED any way you look at it. See TheRemnantVideo: See Styxhexenhammer666 ...

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IGP MSKSHAMG — Mask Shaming 0    0

Some asshole with a PhD wants to give everyone a pill, or poison the water so they can force you to wear a diaper on your face. NOT KIDDING, folks. This is the Insanity of the Techno-Nazi Left-wing De...

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IGP SHYTSTRM — Shyt Storm — POTUS in bunker SHTF 0    0

POTUS says "you might not see me for a while...." Some shit is about to jump off.

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