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IGP6 00240 — DC Disinfect in progress 0    0

Washington DC smells enough to knock a buzzard off a shit wagon.... of bleach. Disinfectant. What is being bleached. YOU figure it out.

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Overnight 554 Act Of WAR 554 DECLARED! Pentagon Reveals 'U... 0    0

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IGP6 00238 — Drone Strike in America 0    0

There was an appaent Drone Strike in Ft. Lauderdale FL. Article & video: Drone strike on Ro...

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WARNING 554 It's Worse Than We Thought! 554 0    0

1,000,000 MUST WATCH THIS - It's Worse Than We Thought SUBSCRIBE @Anonymous Official : Find more :

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IGP6 00236 — The Earth is FLAT cut your fingers off 0    0

The following voicemail left on my phone last week, illustrates how badly in need of insane asylums this Country has become. Harass a terrorist: His number (which is a local US or VOIP number is:...

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IGP6 00235 — They need a hemmorhoid cushion - dot com 0    0

Mike Lindell's livestream this morning tore the MSM and the Techno-Nazis a new one. Perhaps a line of hemmorhoid cushions is in order.

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IGP6 00234 — My Pillow sues Dominion for 1.6 Billion 0    0 launched this morning despite MASSIVE Denial of Service attacks by Commie Scumbags who need to be summarily executed as non-uniformed enemy combatants.

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